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    Thanks! Now, if only I could get my header back from Bob. May need to make a run to Illinois...

    Thanks! Now, if only I could get my header back from Bob. May need to make a run to Illinois and knock on a door. Thanks again.
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    Another pinball machine for the basement game room!

    Thought I would share as I'm pumped I found one of these. I've been wanting one of these machines for a while. Its called "Strange Science." Yep, a knock off of the '80's flick Weird Science due to licensing agreements :lol: Fun game with five ball multiball if your lucky/skilled enough...
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    Top Gear Coffee Table - More Progress

    Just a word of caution. I would not recommend this table if you have children. I'm a bachelor, this is my bachelor pad and my friends don't have children. My brother does however and when they visit the nephews gravitate towards the coffee table and seem to always hurt themselves when they're...
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    Top Gear Coffee Table - More Progress

    I made another thread showing the finished product. I'd have to search and find it. But here is a picture I snapped off my cell tonight with it in use. I have the glass laying on top and the weight of my normal books and magazines collection keeps it in place even when placing a drink or...
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    Car (and Motorcycle) register

    Why fords? Not sure, but I think it has to do with the time that I grew up the 5L Mustang was the car to beat on the street. Cheap to hop up and light weight. You could go fast with minimum outlay of cash. The SVO, Terminator, Shortster, one of the GT's & my Buell are in the garage. Another...
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    Car (and Motorcycle) register

    2009 Buell 1125R 1986 Ford Mustang SVO 1990 Ford Mustang GT 1991 Ford Mustang GT 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra 1972 Harley-Davidson Shortster 1997 Ford Explorer
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    1948 Tucker Torpedo Convertible

    Neat car, neat personality from Tucker himself and neat story. I appreciated the repop'ed tucker 48 featured in Hot Rod Magazine a few years ago. Gorgeous hot rod.
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    Replacing my Fox

    That's what I was thinking to. Fox bodies are getting harder and harder to find in decent shape anymore. I can't seem to find one with even the stock exhaust on it. I think they've all been replaced. Hell, I can't even find a stock h-pipe anymore :lol:
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    TG host's wrist watches

    Yikes! That's embarrassing. I wish it had wider lugs (24mm) as I like a thicker band. Oh well. I just wonder if there are any dealers here in the US or I'll just have to resort to buying direct. Hope the exchange rate is decent :) This will be my first "grown up" watch.
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    TG host's wrist watches

    What about this watch?
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    The Man Thread

    Some of these pictures, by definition, may not constitute "manly," but they certainly help to define it.
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    The official 2010 season MotoGP thread!

    Time to go back and watch Faster.
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    2011 Mustang V8 5.0 412hp

    Fixed! And that color is called Dark Highland Green. Very nice color.
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    Love the Beast - Eric Bana

    Did anyone catch it? I had it DVR'ed and will watch it sometime next week to compare to the torrent. Hope they didn't edit the heck out of it!