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    BMW Gullwing Turbo

    I have always thought the Bracq 1972 Gullwing was a nice looking and more interesting car, than the later Giugiaro e26 M1. With an uprated 2002 Turbo engine (200 hp) BMW said it could do 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds and 155 mph. So not much slower than the M1. It also introduced the raised hood...
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    Random Thoughts....

    Poor ol' Ziggy, gotta love the guy!:D Ziggy
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    BMW e39 M5

    For anyone that enjoyed that M5 and the pre Chris Bangle cars, this is a nice coffee table book. Those 3 to 5 liter V8s of the 1990s were sweet revving, as long as the Nikasil bore coating didn't peel off!::mrgreen: Classic 5 series - No Bangle
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    Some interesting C4 Corvette performance figures

    I came across these UK magazine test times. I think they are interesting in terms of what a showroom car can do, given that Corvettes and other fast cars tested by Car and Driver, Road & Track etc. are often prepared, even though magazines request normal cars. I recall Car and Driver's 30,000...
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    Firebird book with some nice ladies

    If you check out the free "Look Inside" feature offers, you will see girl band Chicanery and model Elizabeth posing with a '68 Firebird 400. Burt Reynolds is on p112.:cool: Firebird Book 3rd edition - eBook
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    World's Biggest Muscle Car?

    True, by the '70s the Torino was getting very big. And the Dodge Dart was always too big to be a compact. The Big Bird T-bird has the short rear deck, long hood proportions that are associated with muscle cars. Later Thunderbirds were too sedan like in shape. Put a blower and some Cragars on...
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    World's Biggest Muscle Car?

    Would you say the 7th gen T-Bird, was perhaps the biggest muscle car of all time?;) 1972-76 Thunderbird Just always had this thought seeing Jack Cassidy chasing Clint Eastwood in The Eiger Sanction (1975) movie, lol.:mrgreen:
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    Future of the Inline 6?

    V6s are great, if they are traditional 60 deg units. The trouble starts when the accountants get on board with 90 deg V6s that came from chopping two cylinders off a V8. Theory now says that with emissions and economy tightening you will have fewer V8s to derive V6s from, so a modular 3,4 6 cyl...
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    Does anyone know this Mazda book?

    It's down as 2nd revised edition, does anyone have earlier versions? As a Mazda guy I thought I knew them all, but haven't come across any earlier version.:| Mazda Rotary Book
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    Future of the Inline 6?

    On the one hand it's a long engine, not suited to front drive, transverse cars. On the other for improved emissions and economy turbo modular inline sixes are replacing V8s in some cars (BMW), and these engines can be made into inline 4s and 3s!. So will the inline six stay in trucks, or make a...
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    Gremlin, the lil' hot rod, lol. :)

    In Mexico they (VAM) made Pacers and Gremlins with a 4.6 liter version of the AMC six motor. VAM Pacer
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    Vintage Bimmer

    Usually no, but this era of BMW is so rare, you normally only see a car of this quality in BMW's museum. I was reading in UK's Thoroughbred & Classic Car magazine that there is only one known BMW 733i left in that country.
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    Vintage Bimmer

    Came across this neat e12!:cool: MSM 528
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    Burt Reynolds, Living Legend! (^-^)

    In one interview Burt said when car movies were at their height, they did everything but have a car chase through the Vatican, lol! He certainly starred in a few classics.:cool: Movie trailer Pontiac Firebird
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    1975 Tour de France BMW 5 series

    The great Eddy Mercx was riding for a Stella Artois sponsored team, and the team car was the e12 BMW 525. Probably the first BMW to be used in the Tour de France.:cool: Tour de France 1975 Video 5-er