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    The awesome boats thread

    Would love the six square hatches to be VLS missile launchers but that's only because I played too much Harpoon :P
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    Apparently Toyota makes escalators now.

    Another Clarkson V8 creation.
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    Who here lives closest to the equator?

    I'm pretty much on the Equator, and I wear winter fashion all year round thanks to insanely powerful air conditioning at my office - pouts
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    scariest thing that ever happened to me

    The scariest things will have to be owning a Yamaha moped with the capability to accelerate to 100mph in an insanely small number of seconds. If sitting in Superman posture on one of these doesn't scare you already (no windshield, minimal dash, just your face in the wind), consider that I can...
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    Close Encounters on the road

    I'm sick of seeing close encounters caused by inconsiderate drivers so I assist other vehicles in need by flying formation with the gentleman in distress and beeping the hell out of the morons until they leave the road :P
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    Game: Who likes Classic / Retro Gaming?

    Fallout! I played 3, but not the first and second ones. Getting them now :D Jagged Alliance 2 is another great recipe for fun. Try out the Deidranna Rules mod for added fun :P
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    Weird Dreams Thread

    When I was 5-ish I had a dream about running down a flight of stairs at full speed. Except the "stairs" actually was one side of a grandstand, each step being about 3 feet tall. Two decades later I read Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers and thought nothing new about the experience of...
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    How did you learn English/other languages

    I would have given you a +1 for that nice international tale but it seems I given you a +1 already and the system doesn't allow repeated +1s on the same person. oh well :P
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    CERN successful in creating anti-matter = warp drive just a matter of time?

    The crust of the pizza is a chore. It's tasteless and ruins my efficiency gobbling up the sinful cheesy parts! IMO of course - I buy pizzas for the sinful parts! I once saw a gigantic lasagne and went mmmm, that's better.
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    'Homemade' Heads Up Display

    Overhead projector projects image onto CD cover which is a clunky thing even in the best of times but fast forward 30 years and the smartphone takes the cake for an elegant solution. Thanks for sharing :D +1
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    Who doesn't eat breakfast :P

    Okay i think I should get some of those pillow like wheat cereals in the morning. Fibrous and low calories?
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    Random Thoughts....

    Lol. Bring it on. I will accumulate more and fancier pillows, and I will level up faster than the lazy sloths :D
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    Idiots + Winter - The FAIL Collection Thread

    Retrofitted (DIYed) hazard lights on my motorcycle was my first modification to it. The practise of 'indicating hazards for others' safety' is a very rare thing. Shepherding cars is my duty :P But well, do driving schools or driving culture teach us to look out for others on the road? No way...
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    Thanks for the memory refresh! It was one of the more entertaining episodes as the Firefly's crew had a hard time getting rid of the impostor and her hidden agenda. She appears again in a later episode and gets her ass kicked by the Companion (who is another favourite of mine). I like her...