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    Concept: Suzuki Authentic S Concept

    Introducing... the Suzuki "Authentic Copyofmanyothercars", now with styling details stol... ehm borrowed from many automobile manufacturers from all continents! Other than that, it does look really nice IMO but too generic, indeed! In a way like a GTA car, that kinda looks like a real-life car...
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    Rumour Mill: 2014 Peugeot 208 Compact - for those that don't have enough money to buy a full 208.

    Isn't the fisrt picture a Photoshop? Methinks it's the 206+ pic with a 208 front pasted on it..!
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    Lens Flair

    What is that?
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    Shifting a RHD car, it's all backwards!

    Being used to both LHD and RHD now, I think I can only point out one benefit of LHD compared to RHD: you can indicate with one hand on the wheel, i.e. when steering and changing gear etc... Other than that, it's just a matter of what one's used to, methinks...
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    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    ...with their fancy paintjobs :D
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    Ownership Verified: My new cat... [Ford Puma 1.7]

    Small update, tyres changed to Toyo T1-Rs, also had MOT inspection. Car failed due to some rust on one of the sills and a small rust spot on the floor. Had these fixed yesterday and took it to the MOT place for a retest, which it passed. Other than that, car looked good on the MOT, emissions...
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    Unveiled: 2012 FIAT 500L Official pictures released!

    Why did Italy stop making interesting cars? I agree some did not like old Fiats etc altogether, but modern Italian cars have lost their "Italian-ness"... I am a huge fan of older Fiats, Lancias, Alfas etc but I think after ~2005 or so they started losing all of their good features... They now...
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    Ownership Verified: Sturmwagen E30

    Nice!! And for the money you paid... even better :D
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    That's awsome!! Again, someone thought photoshop was not enough :D
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    Ownership Verified: My new cat... [Ford Puma 1.7]

    Here's the proof pic: Thanks for the good words, guys!
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    Ownership Verified: My new cat... [Ford Puma 1.7]

    There is some minor surface rust on the passenger side arch, nothing to worry about. will be sanding and fixing that at some point, before it develops more. What needs doing soon is the drivers side, where the rust is deeper and also affects the sill a bit. I will be treating that and filling it...
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    Ownership Verified: My new cat... [Ford Puma 1.7]

    I have been looking for quite some time for a car that would be fun to drive (would prefer RWD), cheap to buy and run and cheap to insure. After some searching, researching and serious thinking, I came across a 1999 1.7 Puma in Melina Blue with ~77k miles: It drove nice, felt nice and...
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    Spray on clear bras?

    Thing is, I read smoewhere that you might need tons of plasti-dip to actually cover such large parts, so it might not be a smart idea... Still, it's possible :P I don't think I would paint my car with it though tbh, mostly because I'm afraid it will (in some way) ruin the paint - haven't used...