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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]
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    Rental Car Roulette

    Another winner
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    Show us your Lego!

    It was probably going to be released after the actual Defender, but leaked. Its not unusual for OEMs to give toy and video game companies early access to design data or even prototypes As for Speed Champions sets. I fee your pain. I have too many, and now I’m trying to go back and catch the...
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    Show us your Lego!

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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Hagerty has done a few similar themed rebuild videos. I really enjoy watching them.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    The problem isn't that a car is slow. The problem is the speed delta, the number of cars and the size of the track. During qualifying we even saw a Ford go off in a corner because it came in with a LMP2 car and got shunted off just because there was no blue flag and the prototype likely got...
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    The Weather Thread

    Sounds like someone needs a Raptor
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    First of all, what Spectre said. You can race whatever you want, but in a venue where it is safe to do so. Having now seen Le Mans in person, even today's LMP vs GT speed delta is insane. As much as I would love to see Mustangs at Le Mans, I would not advocate anyone try to enter a GT4 car into...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Things never change. Fans will always argue and find excuses for their favorite teams. Though I do agree with you that in this case, the Saab entries were a little bit silly.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition] TIL there were 2 Saabs raced at Le Mans.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Ooohhh. Good one! I remember spending a long time with TD2 on my grandpa's computer.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    My coworker made a really interesting point over the weekend while at Le Mans that got me thinking.... On Thursday evening we were wandering around the car parks when he saw a Renault Clio V6 Sport and freaked out because it was one of his top dream cars. To be fair, it was extremely cool to...
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    Best of eBay and Craigslist
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    Assembly line videos

    Another total development video