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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    Given that TG is one of the worlds most viewed shows, you'd think they would give it more airtime, after all its all about ratings isn't it? Surely they could air it over 90mins, that would provide enough time for ads too. This has me worried about TG Aus, given the popularity of TG UK and the...
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    Forza Motorsport 3

    The stuff they showed at E3 isn't the full build, it was mentioned in one of their blogs, they had it done in May so from then onwards alot of stuff could be improved. I'm pumped and can't wait for October
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    [02x01] May 11th, 2009

    I reckon it was heaps good 8/10 lol noticed James giggled like a school girl on the jetski :lol:
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    [01x07] November 10th, 2008

    Who gave it a one? Please explain your choice, fair enough it isn't TGUK but i don't think it deserves a 1.....maybe its just me but theres alot of haters towards TGA, for its first season it ain't too bad. If the problems that we see in this season continue in the next then we'll have an issue...
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    [01x07] November 10th, 2008

    TGUK aside solid episode, enjoyed all the segments, just can't stand Greg Murphy other wise good stuff. All that hand waving seems to be an aussie trait, everyone one doing it tonight
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    Clarkson: Outrage over Clarkson's 'sick' prostitutes joke

    Jesus effin christ wat will people complain about next? Don't ike it don't watch simple as that! I think people do this to try and get a reaction out of TG and get all happy about it, its their own little power trip stimulation. Its the same with advertising on TV, it gos for only a couple...
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    [01x06] November 3rd, 2008

    Well in the TGA mag they took a R8 out west into some of the worse roads around with many country folk actually amazed that the car made it as far as it did, and no mention of dust inside the cabin. Dirt inside is more or less poor build quality but then again the Aussie dust is pretty fine, so...
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    Should this be the last season of top gear?

    As long as awesome supercars are made we still need someone to powerslide them around a track yelling "POWER" and something or someone to thrash it around a track to get a time.
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    Dunno if anyone noticed but there is a finalgear link from the bbc TG site :mrgreen:
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    Tickets for Filming Now Available

    Mines for the 22nd of October its just i didn't expect the filming to be that early maybe 5-6pm the earliest, still might go though if i can, if not tough i guess.
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    Mapping the Test Track

    TG track courtesy of
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    Tickets for Filming Now Available

    Question i got tickets for the show and they say its gates open at 4:15 what time does the actual filming take place cause i might not be able to make it.:(
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    [01x02] October 6th, 2008

    Is it just me or do others scratch their heads at some of the audience? Alot of them were old and looked like they had no clue what was going on, for instance during the SIARPC there was a bunch of old women in the background looking bored and having no clue what is going on, i'm just surprised...
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    [01x02] October 6th, 2008

    7 Better then last week, not as rushed i just wish Cox stopped waving his arms about so much! Liked all the segments and it was funny to see the STIG pay respect to his fallen mate. Footage of the track was improved but they still didn't introduce the track properly. Would have liked to see...
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    Your worst traffic annoyances

    It's a bit stupid to do it during peak time, maybe stuff like that could be done at night? Or towed by a Veyron...