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    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    pardon the thread bump but... do you think it's time to move on and point to somewhere else? :)
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    Full line-up announced for Top Gear

    looks like a completely desperate lineup. there's going to be a lot of chemistry disconnect since they will all have to fight for air time. I'm not hopeful at all for this. had it just been with Matt LeBlanc and a couple others, it would be solid. this is going to end badly imo
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    [Rumor] Clarkson, Hammond and May to return to a new car show on Netflix

    Bomb has been defused. Counter Terrorists Win
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    [18x07] November 19th, 2010

    i liked this episode in particular. both films by johnny and jason were detailed. they need more of this quality and length for future episodes.
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    Fifth Gear, or the Top Gear Alternatives?

    I know I'm comparing two shows, and it's beating a dead horse, but there has been a buildup of TG shows popping up across the world. If you had a choice, would you continue watching Fifth Gear, or only watch the non-UK TG?
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    Series 18 starts...

    no pre-episode discussions for season 18? gotta get on that
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    [17x01] June 3rd, 2010

    timed laps again? :(
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    [14x05] September 8th, 2008

    it's a franz ferdinand song. Do You Want To
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    Rumours of 5th gears demise greatly exaggerated

    Come along this wknd to the NEC to check us and our close shaves out. 5 shows a day. Otherwise prog back on telly late Spring we reckon.
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    Rumours of 5th gears demise greatly exaggerated

    you know, if you send the guys your favorite videos to them on twitter, they'll most likely look over them and consider something similar for the next series.
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    Rumours of 5th gears demise greatly exaggerated

    The Tiff vs Jason bits used to be really good. They are doing those dumb time trial tests now. I liked it when they were actually racing each other.
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    Rumours of 5th gears demise greatly exaggerated

    @Carpervert Breaking news: Fifth Gear IS coming back. When more factual gossip emerges I will let you know.
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    what other show besides TG is there that is better than FG anyway? No one actually listed them haha.
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    dang what's going on with this show. it's been over a week.