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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    Beautiful! Lovely post-production in the Alfa part! Excellent news part! Stunning guests - I really love their parts! Suberb race, but how could it not be. Lost in Tokyo - :thumbsup: Totally fullfilled my wishes for a Sunday night: Its over an hour since I finished watching, and I'm still...
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    Nudity: should it be allowed here?

    My thoughts run along the same lines as Ford Prefect. No need for a ban on nudity. No need for a subforum dedicated to nudity. If I spot something carrelated, I'd like to post it even though the people in it have no pants on. Think of the laughs the BBC denies us, when JC shows the audience...
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    Americans crossing border to buy cheap, Mexican gasoline

    It's been a long time since I saw a proper border, thank God! But you americans are not setting you sights southernly enough. The price of petrol will fall untill they reach the bottom in Venezuela, 3,5p/L! And what a lovely ride down there. Would be a cheap petrolheads holiday. Here in the...
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    Best Police Car

    Kommer knappast at anv?ndas mycket, det ?r v?l ?ndast vid explosionsrisk at det finns behov f?r en s?dan v?rsting. Jag tror inte at det ?r mycket v?rt vid kravaller, s? mycket som det g?r at h?lla fast i. And not to exclude the rest of the world: Its an explosive ride, always usefull to blow...
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    No 56k: Finally!, My day at Top Gear!!!!!!! 11x03

    Well, if you want to write 'fuck' then write 'fuck', not 'f*ck'. It might just be me, but profanities don't chok me, honestly I'm offended by the beeping and pixelation on TG. And just once in a while, so much of a word has been replaced with *s that I have to think twice to understand the...
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    You know you watch too much Top Gear when...

    You take your five-speed gearknob, scratch out the 5 and write TG instead, after which you use the top gear for the very first time!
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    Hello fellow fans! I've been browsing FG for years, eventually i had to join, since most people where I live haven't got a clue to what TG is. Otherwise I hate internet fora, but there seems to be a lovely absence of wankers here, so I'm staying. Apart from my addiction to TG, I'm also...
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    No 56k: Finally!, My day at Top Gear!!!!!!! 11x03

    Good report, you lucky bastard! But is for wankers.
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    Grab the tinfoil hats; the Alfa 75 rollover in 11x03

    At the bottom of my posts, I brag about my giant screen: "Does anyone know what Top Gear is like, on less than 100 inches?" Thus I implied that you might not be able to see the same amount of detail as I can.;)
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    Grab the tinfoil hats; the Alfa 75 rollover in 11x03

    I'm very confident this was staged. They didn't even bother to rearrange the cut grass leading up to the horrible trenches in the sand, nor did they care to dig a trench for the sidemirror. But what child can resist a sandbox when they've got a shovel? Uh... And ?fbc?, you must be able to...
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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    I remember some comment about individual films not taking up most of the show, made in advance of series 11, by Andy? One might hope this isn't relevant for an epic race.
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    [11x03] July 6th, 2008

    Best of season so far. Even fairly good guests.