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    Top Gear Epic road trip to the red planet

    It appears that the boys have visited the red planet and drawn something all too familiar in the red martian soil.
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    [03x04] September 4th, 2012

    The best Top Gear US so far, I think TGUS is definitely coming into it's own now.
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    [17x07] December 28th, 2011 [India Special]

    Botswana, Bolivia, Vietnam, North Pole - still way way up there on top especially Bolivia. This episode was just WTF. I suggest that the three should re-trace Marco Polo's silk road, drive from Venice to China - sure it'd take a couple days but the encounters should definitely be worth it. Hell...
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    [14x06] December 27th, 2009 [South America Special]

    I simply can not believe of Clarkson passing that white sequoia. He was quite literally millimeters from plunging to his death. After he passed did I realize I was holding my breath. This episode truly has been fantastic - none other than the HD does it justice.
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    Spoilers: James to answer questions today 2/11 on Twitter

    I think he may have similar to what I have. Which is it's not really the height that is fearful, but if I come face to face with a sheer drop off I get the sensation that I'm going to hurl myself over it at any moment:?
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    [13x06] July 26th, 2009

    May with Welch?!! That was absolutely hillarious, though not surprisingly May was just being May despite ..... sheesh 32FF?!!! I have to say this was the best episode of the series. Highest possible marks 9/10.
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    [13x04] July 12th, 2009

    Painfully fake? Such as killing off black stig? Having white stig sitting in numerous cars which have exploded?
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    Does Top Gear need a woman presenter?

    Women for a TV show about cars, no problem at all. Women for Top Gear? Absofuckinglutely not. If women have issue with the format as is being not "female friendly" enough, that says they've got cobwebs up their nickers and need to get some wood to loosen up that uptight attitude.
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    [11x06] July 27th, 2008

    It was clearly tongue in cheek, they knew they were "ambitious but rubbish". Jezzar against Sabine? Clearly no mach Bank guy against hamster? more grip but less brains:lol: Captain slow against Tim Schrick?:? wait a tic <_<, I take that back, apparently this was the greatest episode of all -...
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    James May: Top Gear back in October [The Season 12 News Thread]

    If only they made the XFR look more like the original concept car.
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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    WAAAAYY too funny of an episode. Jeremy eating whole crabs legs shell and all, Hammster not being able to eat anything at all, May being "lost", Jeremy turning off his girlfriend amy accidently only to finally figure out how to turn her back on again, the fold away bikes - Yokohama station, then...