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    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    The NRA is a lobby group for gun manufacturers mostly, they only represent around 5% of US gun owners. Their main aim is to get more gun sales. If saying dumb shit makes dumb people buy more guns, then they are going to do it.
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    Doctor Who

    Moffat, sly fucker
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    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    While ex-military keep their guns, they do not keep military owned ammo. It is stored in government supply dumps. If you want to target shoot in Switzerland then you generally have to buy ammo at the range, very few people stockpile personal ammo at home. It is a very poor comparison to the US...
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    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    The american lust for metallic penis enlargements carries on unabated.
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    Random Thoughts....

    A BBC Radio Ulster presenter read out a sickipedia Jimmy Savile joke live on air oh dear
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    Doctor Who

    It wouldn't have fit into the episode because it was supposed to be about finishing the story of Amy Pond. Ending it with a 5min coda featuring the tertiary character's dad who was only introduced 4 episodes ago would have been a bit jarring.
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    US of A Presidential Elections 2012

    The Taliban was defeated the first time by special forces dropped into Afghanistan with suitcases of cash to pay off local warlords and tribal chiefs. Many warlords and tribal chiefs have since decided that a return to Taliban rule will benefit them more than a western puppet Afghan democracy...
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    Cool Videos! Brilliant
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    US of A Presidential Elections 2012

    Romney completely abandoned his pre-existing tax platform when he said that (not a big surprise considering his history with saying whatever the audience wants to hear), his planned tax cut for the richest will increase taxes on the middle class by $2000 p/a on average.
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    The Gay Marriage Question Thread

    Civil unions aren't exactly the same there are a few examples; like for instance those in a civil union can't be "divorced" for adultery, also because the term "Marriage" isn't used then other countries with laws which specify "marriage" don't have to honour them. On the other side heterosexual...
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    First World Problems thread

    I bought new jeans 3 weeks ago, now they are too big again and I've had to buy another smaller size. Weight loss is a first world problem to start with, but this takes the mick.
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    US of A Presidential Elections 2012

    538 is forecasting an 83% likelihood of the Dems holding the senate. The house is too close to call
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    Afaik its the same in Scotland. Also if the person doesn't have any assets or family then the local council picks up the tab for a cremation.