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  • Well my lion WAS called Clarissa, but sadly she was eaten by a hungry giraffe called Germaine. It was sort of an eat-and-run, but if I ever see Germaine again he won't be a HE for very much longer... I loved Clarissa with all my heart! Well the part of my heart that I didn't love Elisha Cuthbert with anyways. So yes. ;)
    I'm American, what is this "subtle" you speak of? Is it some sissy French thing or somethin'?
    sorry no, no Kombi.....although Men at Work now owe somebody a whole lot of money because it's just been decided that they sampled a bit of 'Kookaburra Sitting in an Old Gum Tree' and the people who own it want some cash.
    Havent seen a post by you in the better part of a week - i hope everything's fine at MWF castle.
    Thanks for the rep, but I wasn't really trying to do as you said. I was just saying that all of her negativity just makes her get worse. It's an endless cycle.
    You would like to see it on the floor hm? I'll have to find one first for that to happen :tease:
    It appears, dear MWF, that you desire to be not so much my sidekick, but rather one of my harem. I am currently accepting applications for positions in the harem. Please submit your CV along with 3 letters of recommendation if you would like to be considered.

    Should you instead choose to remain a candidate for sidekicking, please note that my terms are non-negotiable.
    You can be my creepy sidekick in my quest for world domination, but only under the following conditions:

    1. You wear, at all times, even in the shower, an ill-fitting, brightly-colored, uncomfortable costume which was designed for a very busty woman.

    2. You kill every third person named Beverly that you meet.

    3. You name your first-born child after me. Even if said child already exists and has a name which is not spicysaurus.

    4. You actually let me kick you in your side.

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