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    Turbo Mustang - You must see this thing!

    Shot some pictures of my friends Mustang. It is been a long time coming to see this beast all together, shaking the windows off the buildings, scaring elderly people and children! The car was at the local car show (Campbell Ford Show) two weeks a go. Ended up winning best of...
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    Post your fireworks shots

    Not from Independence Day, but from July 1st in Canada, which is the Canada Day. --------------------------------------------- And this was from the Casino Lac Leamy fireworks competition they do every year.
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    Just wrecked my car, need a new one @_@

    Maybe he lives in a warmer part of Canada, or those cars were stored in winter. But than again why would he say it should be good in winter? Or maybe he just doesn't mind getting stuck.
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    Just wrecked my car, need a new one @_@

    RWD and Canadian winters don't mix that well... For 3K Canadian you can find a Ford Focus that is in fairly good shape, and one that has the 16v Zetec motor. They are fairly fun to drive, good on gas, and parts are cheap if anything needs replacing. Things to look out for, at that price...
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    Bent side skirt

    I don't care what car it is, I would never use a control arm to lift a car. You should be lifting the car from, (1) designated jack points, or (2) frame/frame rails.
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    Bent side skirt

    Next time you do anything like that, you might want to invest your $20 on a set of jack stands.
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    Ford Mustang RTR-C [All Carbon Fiber 2010 Mustang]

    Well I think the real reason is that, metal panels aren't all that heavy. The rest of the car is still made up of rht heavy old lump of steel.
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    Lexus handpicks drivers for LF-A

    I hope the gas pedals don't get stuck.
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    What's your favorite Skyline generation?

    I'd say R34 as well. THe R32's are nice but they are getting too played out here, everybody and their brother has one.
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    funny mercedes ad

    Early 2000's S classes were pieces of shit.
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    Some new pics!

    1300 views and no replies? I guess I'll be the first to reply. I like your framing on the first, third, and last picture. My constructive critism would be that, the first picture would benefit a lot from a polarizer.
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    Ford Mustang RTR-C [All Carbon Fiber 2010 Mustang]

    Source : More pictures and the article can be found here :
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    The Stig: The Stig Caught on Google Streetview... Again

    One more I found on the interweb
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    101 year-old man buys a new Camaro Now that's awsome.