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    The Post Your Pets Thread

    Our pug died last night, on it's 12th birthday. Is health took a turn for the worst on Sunday, and he had to be put to sleep. I am really sad I wasn't there for his last moments, and my GF and the kids are devastated. We will miss you Mogwaï.
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    Random Thoughts....

    Just had actual Chinese cuisine in a small restaurant. No idea what it was called, but a ton of beef with some onions and peppers, stir fried. It was awesome! I'll definitely go back and try something else.
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    Random Thoughts....

    Nice explanation, doesn't make it any less dumb. This is literally calling your main course "starters".
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    Random Thoughts....

    That part is true (I don't know about the Chow Mein), and really bugs me! I'm sure the historical reason for it is interesting, much like déjeuner/petit déjeuner in French.
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    The Gun thread

    I hadn't shot my 308 in a long time, so today I took it to the range and shot 80 rounds through it. It really seem to like lighter ammo, I tried 3 different 168 grains, and 1 155, and the best results were with the 155. There was also a wild POI shift after maybe 15 rounds. I don't know if...
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    How many fellow Finalgearians have you actually met IRL?

    I'll try to remember everyone I talked to during last ringmeet, I'm going to forget some for sure... So, new entries in bold... MWF Adrian Fairlady Bretton Woods CraigB DerStig Nabster CrazyJeeper Spectre Thomas MacGuffin Misrabelle DanRoM 93Flareside Eye-Q CrzRsn DaBoom Adamar ninjacoco...
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    Word association game

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    Ownership Verified: 2018 Durango GT and 2013 Audi S5

    Nice cars. Perhaps you could create separate threads for each one? While not a hard rule, it's the preferred format.
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    The Gun thread

    Cleaning today, gave some love to part of my collection.
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    Word association game

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    Word association game

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    Drive Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Buy FPV FG GT R-Spec Boss 335 Burn FPV FG Pursuit Boss 315 (I don't like Utes) Pontiac Aztec Chrysler PT Cruiser Nissan Cargo
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    Forum Suggestions / Issues

    Click the time of the last message (something like 39 minutes ago). Takes you right to the end of the thread.
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    Word association game