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    Used car for 5 grand?

    Thanks a lot to everyone who posted here... I finally made my choice 2 weeks ago I got this. here it is 2002 Mercury Cougar V6 70K miles on the clock Total cost $4200 It drives like a dream, everything works, full service history.... love it to bits
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    Used car for 5 grand?

    The engine is not the only problem, everything was knackered when I got it, brakes, front right suspension , power windows, stereo.. will take a lot to fix every thing up, might as well part it out at this point.
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    [01x09] January 16th, 2011

    These guys are finally coming into their own. I was watching the TGUK Bolivia Special just yesterday(got to watch reruns), this episode is almost comparable. Humour was always strained in most of the episodes but it is getting better. A solid 9 for me.
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    Used car for 5 grand?

    Im looking at a 96 Miata tomorrow with around 88K miles on it, :) $5900 so need him to come down to budget , The Crown Vic is good but where I stay getting parking for such a huge car would be really problematic.... Craigslist has a few benzes but some how dont feel too comfortable getting such...
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    Used car for 5 grand?

    I love old BMWs the 70s BMW 2002 is on my list of cars to buy someday, the E30 BMWs as well have reached the point where they can be called modern classics, so any buyer has to think quite a lot before actually buying one. The fact of the matter is its only time before we see these appreciating...
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    Used car for 5 grand?

    Thanks guys the Mustang and the Miata look really interesting, I probably have to widen my search a bit, How reliable are cars over 10 years old? I mean I dont want to end up getting a money pit... my maintenance on the 01 focus was on average about $400 every 3 months.
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    Used car for 5 grand?

    Arrrrg!!! its so difficult buying a good used car around here. Here is my story, I bought a well worn focus when I first came to the country, costed a little more that 2 grand, and about 15K miles later it finally died on me. needs a new engine :cry: so I decided to look for a another car(now...
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    Google Wave - Google's FliFacemailbookkr

    Add me on the final gear wave as well Username: rohit.rv200
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    Google Wave - Google's FliFacemailbookkr

    have 2 invites left
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    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    9.5 for me, The race was epic, Glad the car won(XK120's are my all time favorite) loved the Vincent, The Camera work was awesome, especially the passing shots of the train near the coast. The Evora review was uninteresting, the FXX (yawn!) would definitely be the fastest on the track(Its a track...
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    [02x05] June 8th, 2009

    Some pretty good stuff this week, Good to see some TGUK lunacy creeping in. The Elfin cars review was pretty good, The Armoured car segment would have been a lot better if they brought along a MP5 Assault Rifle :mrgreen: Cant wait for the Pontiac G8 review next week, looked pretty funny :)
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    The Stig: 1001 Uses for The Stig

    102. Tire Hater 103. Alarm Clock 104. Genetic Anomaly formed from bonding the DNA of Hill, Collins and Needle
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Some of the things I saw in Indianapolis last summer.I had only my cell phone when I saw the Ferraris so sorry for the bad quality. The really funny bit was that the guy in the 360 was playing a Celine Dion CD :lol: The Studebaker really caught my eye in the museum. I will be uploading more...
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    Hey Im Rohit Venkat, originally from India now staying in the United States. Learnt to drive in a Maruti 800 the little suzuki with an 800 cc engine. The only decent car available in India at the time. When I was 17 dad got a Hyundai Accent ( Not the 3 cylinder diesel phew!!). I actually liked...