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    Jay Leno's track time

    I was going to comment saying how bad he was, but this is a very good point. While I'm sure he has several cars in this drive configuration it still would be a pretty unnatural movement.
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    TG Clip Featured in Toyota Tacoma(Hilux) Commercial

    Just saw another variation of this during the Pats game. Coincidentally I had just logged onto this site less than a minute before. Weird.
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    American Top Gear possible hosts

    I think it's really funny that you say that because I had no idea he was into cars, but one of the mechanics where I usually get my car inspected looks just like him. I never would have thought of Priestly as Hammond, but that's not bad. He hosted or narrated or whatever "Rides" on TLC...
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    A Card for Richard Hammond - your messages for him.

    Is there no end to your dedication for entertaining the world? We are all here pulling for you and I personally wish you and yours the best. Take your time for a full recovery and upon your return when they try to get you to test whether an F1 car truly can drive upside down please say no...
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    Hammond In Car Crash - (Now Moved from Leeds 28/09)

    I'm another frequent lurker who is moved by this sad news. I think the idea of a card with a note from everyone is a great idea.
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    You are invited to

    I have been lurking the FinalGear forums for a while, but never explored much outside of the Top Gear section. When I just found this photography section I was pretty excited as this is one of my passions. Since there are so many people here that are interested I thought I would invite you to...