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    [15x01] June 27th, 2010

    haha what was the little cars playing futbol about in the middle of the stigs lap of the bentley? something happen recently in england where they cut to a uneventful scene when there was something amazing going on?
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    Cars you'd like to see in series 15?

    Koenigsseg ccxr the new Zonda I would really like to see a G37 reviewed on Top Gear, I want to see how its revies differ from German luxury cars.
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    [TorrentFreak] The Pirate Bay Tracker Shuts Down for Good

    it was a good run.
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    Daccia Sandero

    it was scripted...but whether or not james was in it isnt very easy to see... my initial reaction was that it was fully scripted, even James' pard.
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    Sandra Bullock "I am the Stig"

    ...i dont see it...
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    The Tennis Thread

    nadal 4 paris! he wont go 0/2 in france this year!
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    Series 14 trailer

    myfav part: The "Also in BBCHD" at the end.
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    Top Gear to go HD!

    It may be the direction that Microsoft and Apple are going, but the Scene has been going with MKV for everything HD. MKV is much more versatile than mp4, which is why its so popular compared to MP4. Scene rips of TG in HD will undoubtedly use the matroska container. Itll probably be exactly...
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    Do you turn off your computer?

    Laptop hibernates. The PC is off 90% of the time cause I usually use my laptop. The Torrent/webserver(for developemental hosting) is on days at a time for the sheer fact that it has no kbd/mouse/monitor/fan, and my only reminder to turn it off is the small blue power LED.
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    Windows 7, so who's tried it?

    Cisco does have an AnyConnect 64 bit client...I use it on W7 to connect to a my campus VPN.
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    How long can you reasonably expect a hard drive to last?

    If your lucky, itll last you 10+ years. Ive had one maxtor that jsut didnt die and I only got rid of it when it was detrimental to the overall preformance of the computer (it wasnt a primary HDD so it didnt make that big a difference). Aside from those oddball ones that last a really long...
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    Windows 7, so who's tried it?

    So i had ubuntu and winvista on my desktop. Instaled 7 over the vista partition when I got it from MSDN. Today I tried to run ubuntu for some reason or another...and ran into driver problems b/c i havent used it in months (since the day I isntalled 7) and have upgraded my wifi card since then...
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    Clarkson 'Duel' DVD Trailer

    Doh! sometimes im jsut THAT stupid.
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    Want Windows 7 for ?/$30?

    I got a few Pro keys off of MSDNAA. Theyre good for life, free compliments of Microsoft :D
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    Cars you want to see in Series 14

    CCXR gets my vote!