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    F350 Mileage landmak

    :|Damn gotta have some respect for the man
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    The Like Button

    I know that the like button is very succesfull on YT, i think its a good idea to bring it back. It makes people feel free to give their opinion on other comments, and the forum guys can see what the minority or majority is in liking or disliking a comment.
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    Posting problem

    Thanks Viper! I was beginning to feel like the forgotten newbie :P
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    Posting problem

    Oke, so I have introduced myself just recently here on the forums. I already have 6 posts or so. But I still get this message :o TubewayTorpedo: Since you have 5 or less posts, any posts you make may get sent to the moderation queue if the forums think your post is spam (posting images or...
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    Homeless man builds himself a car so he can find work.

    One day he will have his own supersportscar brand.. I just feel it
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    I just filled my car up with forest

    You're not the only one who thought that.
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    Anyone ever look at the FG logo and notice this?

    I see it too! The F and I together look like an A: FI Well... sort of..
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    Hello guys, My name is Marc and I'm 21 years old. I work at a large distribution center in the Netherlands and I live in a small city called Gorinchem. My hobbies are of course cars! And I have 2 very good friends who also love cars. So we are regularly going to car events and rich areas to...