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    News: Bills would require license plate for all [bicycles], annual registration

    Funny how everybody is applauding bureaucracy. This won't make anything better for car drivers, but will be a needless hassle for cyclists. You don't pay a road tax for your bike because it doesnt stress the surface at all. You don't pay a sidewalk tax for shoes (I take that back, better not...
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    2007 Locus Supercar

    Well, I can guarantee they won't sell a single one in Germany because of the name :D
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    Next-Gen Ford Focus unveiled! U.S. and Euro models finally united

    That interior gives me a headache. And I don't see where this is in any way better than the current (german) Focus.
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    02 BMW 318is or an 06 Audi A6??

    What the fuck is wrong with the world when people consider an Audi A6 for their first car?
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    Unveiled: 2012 Audi R8 e-tron confirmed

    Funny how few people have an actual idea of what torque really is. Same as when people keep telling me their Diesel accelerates better because it 'has' more torque.
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    Rumour Mill: New Audi A8 (D4)

    Whats with all the whining? I liked the current gen A8 best (before the facelift), but I just guess the new one will be nice as well. And to the "All Alfas look different while Audis don't" comment, at the moment this is because Alfa is struggling heavily, throwing their whole design concept...
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    Headlight bulb recommendations

    I've had Osram Silverstars for some years now, best bulbs I ever had, and the longest-lasting so far.
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    Barak Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    I just read that in the newspaper and have nothing to say but... WHAT THE FUCK? I mean... he didn't even do anything yet.
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    So I had an accident...

    Alok, no disrespect to you, but I and I guess most people have encountered a number of situations where you have to brake suddenly and the ABS engages, and when you are approaching something you are about to hit it always feels like you are not braking at all (esp in the wet), just endless...
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    First Full Shots of the Mercedes SLS

    It looks like a with some cues from the and the headlights from a..... no wait its fantastic, *bows to mercedes* first new good looking mercedes in a long time, i love it
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    BREAKING NEWS: Opel sold to Magna

    Why the fuck didnt they say they keep it, it was the only choice anyway for GM because Opel is at some point an integral part of the company, especially the R&D. I didn't understand that "we have to sell Opel" bit from the first minute they announced it
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    The new KIA VENGA

    That is... revolting really.