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    Cancer Sucks

    Damn man. I just saw the news over on Facebook, I have not logged in to Final Gear forum or IRC in years. It was great meeting you all those years ago in SF when you stop by. I still have some photos from that meetup here: It was...
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    2011 MLB Regular Season

    Yeah I thought it was pretty epic ;) Well looks like Jimenez still has a lot of rust to work off and Sanchez has been efficiently wild... I swear this guy has filthy stuff if only he could learn to control it
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    2011 MLB Regular Season

    Funny you said that yesterday because really they must be on fire because they spent all night fanning themselves as they almost went hitless against Timmy.
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    2011 MLB Regular Season

    Is it just me or the the first time the cop hit the guy it looked more like a love tap then a real hit as it did nothing to guy. Then again this guy might have been on something because you can hear the taser yet its doing nothing to him. And speaking of fans ejected a guy in the section where...
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    The GNU/Linux thread

    You could just buy a Mac and be done with hacking OS X to run on your PC ;)
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    Foursquare users, check in here!

    I have a feeling i am going to regret this but you can find me here:
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    Sandy Bridge (Builds, Discussion and Random Shit)

    So in the IRC chan I have been knocking around the idea of building a "budget" gaming PC, $1k is the price mark. So looking at mother boards chipsets for the Sandy Bridge mess I am seeing the wiki list a lot of model numbers and I have no idea what it means. Can someone link to a great...
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    Did DD-WRT -> Tomato, now can't log in or reset to "factory"

    I would suggest getting the Netgear WNDR3700 and comes highly recommend from Small Netbuilder, It also support DD-WRT,, but I am using it stock as currently it is sitting behind another router that running DD-WRT and...
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    The GNU/Linux thread

    I am a long time Linux fan, I was one of the first Mods of the *nix forums over at DSLR forums and currently admin a handful of Red Hat boxes and in the past done CentOS and Ubuntu so I am no n00b at Linux. That being said I prefer OS X as an desktop/daily OS. It just gives me enough *nix when...
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    2011 FG Fantasy Baseball... Check-In Here!

    teletubby-warrior put a gun to my head and said I have to sign up so i am in
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    Well this is awkward: Wikileaked cable suggests that US agreed to...

    *shrug* dont see whats wrong. I guess Russia wanted assurances that the US was not "shielding" nukes from SALT/STAR counts by sending them to 3rd party nations that are Allies of the US and NATO. As the article points out the UK does not want to disclose its numbers because of its size but it...
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    MLB '11 off-season Thread (Hot Stove!)

    Meh, the Giants will still kill them all next postseason :P Edit: Oh yeah forgot why I came here in the first place, its official:
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    MLB '11 off-season Thread (Hot Stove!)

    The reports are that the Sox and Gonzalez have a "handshake" deal in place that he will sign later on so the Sox dont get hit with the Luxury tax for 2011. Its pretty much a loop hole the Sox are exploiting to save money. I am happy that he is out of the NL West and we dont have to worry about...
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    San Fran outlaws being poor?

    Being poor in San Francisco has been illegal since the mid 90s when the first .com boom started. Seriously we have a Median income of $81,136 in the city. Also the city has a lot of homeless shelters and programs (thanks to all the tax money they collect and waste) that if you are living on...
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    MLB '11 off-season Thread (Hot Stove!)

    I regret to inform that Juan Uribe has died.. I mean joined the Dodgers :p. Sad to see him go as I will miss the Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-ribe chant that he picked up from his uncle but it good to see the cash strap Dodgers overpay for an old bench player.