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  1. watto

    Why driving in the US is better than at home (Australia)

    Good. Anyone not wearing a seatbelt or using their phones deserves the book. Driving home has been fine the past few weeks, having a branded work car does wonders to the sensibility of this driver. Yep, turning at a standard intersection. Funny you mention it now, didn't see a single right...
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    Autoweek: Retracing Steve McQueen's Los Angeles in his Jaguar XKSS

    Fuck yesssssssssssssssssssssss
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    Why driving in the US is better than at home (Australia)

    I forgot to mention gas prices!! SO CHEAP! hahaha. For a minivan, it did a bloody excellent job. Yeah, it was incredibly comfortable and solid. Loved it. In terms of the speeds, I'd certainly have gone faster if I'd had a more suitable car and much less weight in the car.
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    Why driving in the US is better than at home (Australia)

    Mate, with 7 people and about 200kg of luggage, 75 was more than enough. Hit 80 a couple of times and the rear suspension did not like that one bit.
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    Why driving in the US is better than at home (Australia)

    From here. I spent the last 2 weeks driving from Seattle to LA. Wind, rain, snow, LA traffic, Oregon wilderness, 4 way stops (and three roundabouts!?) - I saw it all and absolutely LOVED it. (The rental. Truckee, CA) 1: Speed Limits More like - speed limits? Specifically highway limits. I...
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    Random Thoughts....

    I haven't posted here since April. Hello :james:
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    This site is a decade old later this month

    Awesome. Happy Birthday and here's to another 10 years!
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    Thanking you!!

    Thanking you!!
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    [19x01] January 27th, 2013

    I enjoyed everything except for the Dragon Den part. That was waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too drawn out and boring. Enjoyed Damian Lewis and the other segments. Great to have it back! 7/10
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    Ownership Verified: Le barge du wafting - Renault Laguna V6 banger

    errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, manumatic?? I no no.
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    Coolest police car ever!

    You know what's easier than making a page and worrying about unmarked cars? Not breaking the law. Anyway, majority of unmarked cars in inner-urban Melbourne are detectives who generally don't have a radar licence or the ability to hand out on the spot fines. They can pull you over for speeding...
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    Questions about moving to Australia

    haha, that's definitely a Kiwi. Well yes... Didn't they sell for $30k in the US?
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    Random Thoughts....

    More in line with what the guy's doing to the sax in your avatar.
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    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    Signing a contract tomorrow for a new position within the company I currently work for. Sales role, the best way for me to move into management. Comes with a car (Holden Cruze SRi), iPad, blackberry and laptop. Not bad perks. And unlimited commission. Stoked as.
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    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    Well, the wheelbase fits in...?
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    First World Problems thread

    The air con in the building is a tad too cold and the temperature can't be changed.
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    My girlfriend drew an Alot in my Christmas card. Talent.