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  1. dw1

    [27x02] Jun 23, 2019 Electric Car Special

    Was anyone else a bit put off by them administering electric shocks and enjoying causing pain a bit too much? It brought the Milgram experiment to my mind. As a "test" of the cars, that bit seemed quite pointless.
  2. dw1

    [03x14] April 11, 2019 - Funeral for a Ford

    I gave it an 8. The Ford segment went on too long and there was no time for conversation street chat (one of my favorite parts). I get it - the end of an era, not only for the show format but also for performance saloon cars in many markets, having been replaced by MPVs, mini-MPVs, city cars...
  3. dw1

    [03x13] April 5, 2019 - GT Special: Survival of the Fattest

    Very good ep, but a few of the items were a bit too staged to give it a 10. Hard to believe that James would be that gormless about driving through the bog. Great music was definitely a +.
  4. dw1

    [03x05] February 8, 2019 - "An Itchy Urus"

    Best episode of this season, and maybe best of the last 2 seasons. Big fan of the A110, and the historical film on Jim Clark.
  5. dw1

    [02x01] December 8, 2017

    Very solid start to the new season. Some bits went a bit long, but not painfully so. The cracks about Jezza's pneumonia ("...rushed to a luxury yacht...") and about the logic of the USA invading Iraq were nice touches. From the preview film, it looks like there may be a bit more regarding...
  6. dw1

    Season 2 Trailer - Starts Dec 8th

    When James turned around I quite literally fell off my chair. Truly gobsmacked like I haven't been in donkey's years.
  7. dw1

    Clarkson's Sunday Times Columns

    F'ing bloody brilliant, this one is. Finally someone who has the current state of social media (& fake news) sussed out.
  8. dw1

    Video: New TG Trailer

    Making a short advert is one thing, making a series is quite another. I agree it looks promising, but I believe it to be quite premature for R&T or us to be making conclusion. Having said that, anything would likely be an improvement over last year's TG.
  9. dw1

    [01x09] January 06, 2016

    While I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, I don't see how people could have disliked this one. This may be the best one yet. Well, ok - "the American" remains extremely annoying and Celebrity Brain Crash has become more and more pointless, but overall a consistently good episode. I...
  10. dw1

    [01x08] December 31st, 2016 [Namibia Special, Part 2]

    Not bad, but more than a bit predictable. Definitely 1 1/4 hour or so stretched with filler to 2 episodes. More about the buggies themselves (e.g. how getting a V8 into Jezza's was sussed out) would have made it better for me. It is still a car show after all. At least I hope so.
  11. dw1

    [1x07] December 30th, 2016 [Namibia Special, Part 1]

    Very much in the spirit of the TG Christmas specials. Quite good, IMHO, but only 3/4 hour in length.
  12. dw1

    [01x04] December 9nd, 2016

    I think the split is "scripted comedy show" versus "car show". If car reviews is all you want, Fifth Gear was a better choice than TG for quite some time. That being said, I was disappointed "Conversation Street" isn't longer, and that they cut off with a tease regarding talking about Alfa...
  13. dw1

    [01x04] December 9nd, 2016

    I liked this one quite a bit. I gave it an 8. But then, I'm a fan of Porsche 911's..... "The American" was far less irritating, and the line he said about turbos was a good one. When James came out in the "dung pile" car, it was definitely a LOL moment for me. I also got a pleasant reminder...
  14. dw1

    [01x03] December 2nd, 2016

    Did anyone / everyone notice the autos that they drove into Whitby? A trio of Jensen Interceptors. Of course, since "The Interceptors" bit is owned by BBC they could not introduce themselves as Jason Clarkson, Roger St. Hammond, and James Steed, but the point was made..... And is Jezza's...
  15. dw1

    [01x03] December 2nd, 2016

    Better than Ep02 but not as good as Ep01. Hammond doing donuts in the car & boat was really quite overdone and made the film seem far too long. At least the Jordan film in ep02 was a good "CoD" (or other on-line shooter game) satire in the "do it over & over to accomplish the objective". They...
  16. dw1

    [01x02] November 25th, 2016

    I think you are on the mark with that comment. The Jordan film had more than a bit of "Johnny English" feel to it in some parts, esp. the closing minutes. While I am totally chuffed that CHM are back, I am really hoping that the show finds more balance quickly. But then, it took many years for...
  17. dw1

    [01x02] November 25th, 2016

    S01E01: 9/10 S01E02: 7/10 The dead celebrity bit is already getting old. So are the comments from "the american" test driver. I suppose they felt they had to contrast The Stig not talking at all with someone who talks way too much. The tent/studio bits were as good as they could be. For...
  18. dw1

    The Sunday Times Magazine: The Grand Tour Exclusive

    To ahdapt, on behalf of those of us stuck outside of the UK without ready access to The Times: THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU...... :thumbup: Positively, absolutely chuffed! (...and to Aston Martin: Well, yes. There should be some continuity, although I'm a...
  19. dw1

    [23x06] July 3rd, 2016 -- Evans final episode

    All in all not a bad ep. at all. Probably the best of this series. Evans was in a no win position, and I do feel a bit sorry for him. He was not at all irritating in this ep, IMHO. His presentation of a very expensive "better than new" MGB was well done. He never did have any comedic chemistry...
  20. dw1

    Chris Evans quits the show

    While I'm not sorry to see him go, I think he was put in a position where he couldn't succeed. In the court of Top Gear fan opinion, he could never be as good as Jezza and the the new cast could not be as good as CH&M. Especially in the final ep of this series, I found him not at all...