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    Correction, that is CHEVROLET corsa (Brazil?). saloon model was only made and sold in latin america..
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    News: Zombie Saab refuses to die

    Its over.. Its over.. It`s now official, SAAB:s limbo is over..
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    Endurance racing 2016

    NISSAN quits LMP1-program NISSAN quits LMP1-program Starting grid in LMP1-class for next year just got little smaller, NISSAN announced it wont participate in FIA WEC-series.. IMHO, after disasters like deltawing and ZEOD-RC i...
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    ABC's "Castle"

    I`ve been watching castle long time, and this latest season.. man.. this is like watching trainwreck in super slow motion. i really, really hope that second half of the season is much, much better. (are writers trying get this show canceled?)
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    Unveiled: 2016 Toyota Prius

    Daaamn, that thing is UGLY..
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    Le Mans 24hrs 2015

    hmm.. nothing in Garage 56 this year..
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    Kurt Busch suspended from sprint cup indefinitely Kurt Busch suspended from sprint cup indefinitely apparently Nascar doesnt take lightly these kind of things..
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    Nissan LMP1

    And dont forget electrical ZEOD RC, wich propably was very expensive (and then some), lasted six(!) laps and broke down.
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    2015 Formula 1 Season Thread

    hmm.. what Alfa romeo has doing with ferrari. i know they are (also) part of Fiat-Chrysler group, some in-house promotion?
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    Warming up a car before driving it short distances or when cold

    I can highly recommend Ebersp?cher (fuel operated preheater) also, I fitted one to my car with keyfob remote and its very,very nice.
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    #11 Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs racing penalized #11 Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs racing penalized NASCAR has penalized team #11 Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs racing for infractions found in a post-race inspection. Denny and team will loose 75 points and crew chief Darian Grubb gets $125 000 fine...
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    Motorcycle Tires

    I replaced my both tires in this spring to new Dunlops (road smart II) but i was also offered Mitas-branded tires,are they any good?, any experiences?
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    Russian Shit
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition] Well, that lasted long.. gotta admire some peoples ingenuity.
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    [21x01] February 2nd, 2014

    so, erm.. Can you really Start up a Nova just by flippin hazards switch upsidedown??
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    Autoblog: Mercedes offering illuminated Three-Pointed Star logo

    One and half minute long video, just to tell that yes our logo can now be illuminated..
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    Modified Car Forum
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    I.. i dont.. i am speechless.. :? What was that thing originally, mitsubishi? and why is it so high ? (my brains hurt..)
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    2013 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Yes! More Finns in F1, Cant wait to see Valtteri in racing..