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  1. Bomber

    General lowering of speed limits

    First the high speed roads were lowered by 10km/h, then there was a blanket rollout of 50 km/h unless otherwise notified, now anything above 60 has generally been lowered by another 10 km/h. Could this only be possible due to the climate of fear instilled by speed cameras? Before they became...
  2. Bomber

    Hyperinflation coming to the U.S.

    I know that video links are annoying and this is the wrong forum but maybe people in the U.S. could watch it and tell me what they think of the issue. People may scoff at this explanation at first glance but apparently international bankers plan to crash the US dollar (and possibly other...
  3. Bomber

    Style over substance?

    I think we can agree after season 2 that Top gear Australia is a well-shot series. But it is arguable that the content falls short of Top Gear standards, even with all of its commercial restrictions and obligations. My own analysis (from available information) is that Freehand productions were...
  4. Bomber

    Mad Libs: Story 2

    How to play: 1. There is a list of word types (ie noun, adjective, verb). 2. In order, post the number and a word of that type. Be creative. 3. Only one word per post please. (Multiple posts are encouraged, while double posting is not ) 4. After a Mad Lib is completed and revealed, who ever...
  5. Bomber

    What are their ideas of what cars should be about?

    While reading James May's column (available on the FTP sites) I realised that Jeremy, Richard and James have definite ideas of what makes a good car and push that viewpoint on the show (eg. James values ride over handling). But what are the TGA hosts views on cars? A race driver, driving...
  6. Bomber

    Stig's in-car music added in post production?

    I couldn't find an existing thread through the search function but it's something I've wondered, unless the Stig likes the challenge of concentrating while music, talking or morse code is being played.
  7. Bomber

    Best photo stitcher?

    I have previously used The Panorama Factory by Smoky City Design but was wondering "the" best panorama software was (including plugins for eg. Photoshop). My main requirement is that it produces accurate stitching, preferably without having to add points manually.