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  1. Firecat

    Canadian officials bracing for more asylum seekers Key take aways RCMP helping them across (of course also arresting them nicely, temporarily at least) Haven't watched these yet, but from CBC news As Americans, I think we should be...
  2. Firecat

    Endangered Gorillla or Child?

    Some sad news. A boy fell into a gorilla enclosure at a zoo. The gorilla was shot dead. Full Story Is the life of a human child more important than an endangered gorilla? Does it depend on circumstances? The boy (or his...
  3. Firecat

    Apple vows to fight federal order to unlock iPhone I think Apple is fighting the good fight here. I'm also a bit surprised that the FBI doesn't have a way to get the data off the phone. Is the security on the iPhone that good?
  4. Firecat

    Making a Murderer (Netflix)

    Anybody watch this true crime story on Netflix? I finished it in a couple of days. Gripping and heart breaking stuff. I won't post any "spoilers" but highly recommend giving it a watch and interested in reading all your thoughts about it. The basics of the Series... 10 years of footage...
  5. Firecat

    Can U.S citizen be denied entry into USA?

    Ok, so this has been something i've been thinking about for some time. In light of Trump's recent proposal, which at first his campaign said would include keeping all muslims out including citizens, I read something in which he walked that back and said it would not include citizens...
  6. Firecat

    Tyrant (FX Show)

    New show on FX. Just watched the pilot. It's AWESOME. Don't want to give away any plot details...I don't know them myself really as i've only seen one of the two episodes that aired. But basically it seems to revolve around the family of a dictator of some middle eastern country. One family...
  7. Firecat

    Staying in Paris

    Sooooo.....I recently got engaged in South Africa. My Fiance is going to Paris soon with a friend, and I may tag along for 7 nights. I've never been there, so it's a good opportunity. Flights are kind of expensive from Orlando to Paris, but I think I have enough points for the trips. I'm just...
  8. Firecat

    Sit or Squat? you sit or squat? Do you think one may be better than the other? In my travels I've often seen those "low rider" toilets, which I've managed to avoid using thus far. I suppose people that "go" outside when they have no other options have to squat.
  9. Firecat

    Justine Sacco - Fired for tweet - Apologizes

    So I'm sure you've all heard this story. It's one of the reasons why I hate social media. So this woman (who is a PR exec) tweets the following:- She gets on the plane...and the twitterverse explodes. All these tweets were being made while she was in-flight (there was this hashtag...
  10. Firecat

    Life Support - Thoughts?

    Left the title a little vague. Wanted to get your opinions on things like life support, do not ressuciate orders etc. Would you want to be kept on life support for an extended period of time? Side-topic....are you an organ donor? I bring this up after reading two different stories recently...
  11. Firecat

    Pope Francis...Time "Person of the Year"

    You can watch this video from about the 6 minute mark So the Pope has been quite outspoken about Capitalism and several other issues, and seems to be gaining a lot of popularity even outside of the Catholic Church. From what i've read, he drive around in an old renault instead of the pope...
  12. Firecat

    India retaliates after diplomat arrest in NYC

    An Indian diplomat was arrested in NYC on fraud, and subsequently strip-searched. Which has caused a lot of anger in India. Basically this woman is alleged to have been paying her maid about $3 an hour (Well below minimum wage) and lied on visa forms saying she was paying this worker...
  13. Firecat

    Fed. Judge Strikes Down Utah Polygamy Law

    A federal judge has struck down parts of Utah's polygamy laws, essentially decriminalizing the practice.... Bigamy is illegal throughout the country (having multiple marriage licenses). It seems like Utah was really the...
  14. Firecat

    "Affluenza" - Is it Real? So a 16 year old drunk driver kills 4 people. The defense argues he suffered from "affluenza"....he received 10 years probation, zero jail time. So basically the parents are at fault because they would not discipline their...
  15. Firecat

    Israel's New Racism

    Not sure if this has been discussed yet on the forums. This is something that has been going on for the last decade I would say, but as more and more Africans head to Israel the problem seems to be getting worse. They are referred to as "infiltrators".... It's a real complex issue. Of course...
  16. Firecat

    Iran / P5+1 - Nuclear Program Negotiations

    I know this has been discussed a bit in Random, but feel it's important enough to break out into its own thread. There seems to be some pessimism about reaching a final deal, although personally I am a bit optimistic. Certainly those at the table seem to want a deal, but hard liners from various...
  17. Firecat

    Amazon unveils drone delivery plans A few parodies have popped up as a result. A UK company released a video about using Owls for delivery (Harry Potter style). As a frequent user of Amazon, I'm a bit excited at the prospect. Purely from a...
  18. Firecat

    "Fit Mom" vs "Curvy Girl"

    Not sure if you heard about "Fit Mom" before. Her name is Maria Kang and she got into some trouble in October for posting the following photo facebook:- People were upset and accused her of being a bully and "fat-shaming"...she said it was meant to be inspirational. She has the time to stay...
  19. Firecat

    TV: Elementary

    A new show that premiered this week. I thought the pilot episode was pretty strong. Anybody watch? It's Sherlock Holmes and Watson, although the latter is played by Lucy Liu. I think it works though!
  20. Firecat

    London 2012 Olympic Games

    Didn't see a thread on this yet. I really just wanted to post this video....looks like I will be watching Womens hurdles. Australian Michelle Jenneke *edit saw the vid on a blog with olympics stuff, maybe she isn't in the olympics though....:(