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    Computer randomly looses harddrive.

    So on my new computer I just built if it is on for a long period of time (like 6 hours?) it will either blue-screen or will say it cannot find a boot drive, and on the list of drives available my SSD is no longer there. I really have no idea what could be causing the issue, whether its the mobo...

    New PC Build! Advice needed

    So I am truely completely lost when it comes to what my new computer will be spec wise. I'm looking at keeping it around $1000-1200 right now, not including things I already have bought (that is just ram :lol:). My goal is to kick Battlefield 3's ass and play the metric crap tonne out of it...

    Boot Virus Scanner? Plus Harddrive Advice?

    Hey guys, So my dad decided to whore me out and try to turn me into a business and fix peoples computers that are lacking common sense. I have this computer...and I am guessing it has a crap tonne of viruses...Norton crashes on scan. AVG doesn't really actually scan...same with Avast...they...

    Choosing a Cell Phone Help?

    So my dad without informing me until today signed up for another contract with Telus, and he says they are allowing me to upgrade my phone which is right now a other words crap. Now, because of Telus' crap service I want a different plan that I myself am willing to cough up cash...

    Photoshop a CD Design for me?

    I don't know where else to turn. I am trying to make a collection of Rush CDs with Lightscribe CDs and I am stuck on trying to make this cover fit nicely on a CD. This is what I did for the album before so it has to be like the same thing, actually that size would be perfect too (or if you...

    No 56k: A Canadians Car

    Well after my 94 Caravan died while drivingon the highway (lost gears, doesn't engage in a gear over 30kms/h). It would've been over $1000 to get a new gear box so my father decided to look for other things. He was manly looking at GM crap, from Cavaliers and Sunfires to Bonnevilles and Grand...

    A Canadian needs a car

    Anyone know how long these things last? My car just died...probably not worth fixing and I came across this...seems too good to be true but considering its an estate sale it might be possible. How expensive is it to fix and maintain and am I way over my head...

    Post your room

    Well...I searched and only found the desktop version of this thread. I am leaving this university and this room for good and will miss the customized room I made, so I figured I'd take pictures of it before I leave. I figure this could be the place to post it, if not, just lock it down...

    i7 worth the price?

    A buddy of mine is going to build a desktop soon and has his heart set on getting an i7 because he doesn't want an "old chip"... He wanted a 4870x2 or 285gtx but because of price he has to cut back on those and is now looking at 4850's even. I told him to forget about i7 and go with e8600 or a...

    Computer Problems,won't turn on. HELP

    This is kinda like the same problem my dad had a few months ago. I woke up today to find the computer turned off, i figured it was a windows update so i just turned it back on. the fans and lights turned on for about 2 seconds and then shuts off. My dad's problem was a harddrive was corrupt, so...

    Copying Multple file formats in dos to new directory

    Does anyone know how to copy multiple file formats in dos (eg. .json and .gif) to a new directory without changing the file types? I have googled for to no advail. (It is a project I have to do...).

    Dad's PC Turns on for second then PSU shuts off.

    Another help thread from me...sorry but had no idea what to put into google. His power supply is switched on, then he turns the PC on and the fans spin for 1/16th of a turn then it shuts off. He then tries to power on the computer again but nothing happens. So he switches the switch on the PSU...

    Computer Randomly Restarting.

    So after I reformatted...yay...after my last problem firefox tends to randomly close along with my computer. Randomly the monitor goes into standby and the computer stays on but doesn't show anything on the screen and makes a single BUZSHT sound when it happens. I have no idea, have no idea...

    Blue Screen On Start-up help

    When ever I try to start my computer I get a windows memory dump. Now I had some viruses earlier today and avast and avg deleted them and cleaned them up (I thought). My computer eventually crashed so when rebooted it blue screen since. I've done safe mode and ran both avg and avast again and...

    Flash drive says device full when space still available

    I am trying to transfer a 7gb file onto my 16gb usb stick but when I try to transfer the huge files the disk gives me an error saying "the disk device is full please insert another device." There is nothing on the usb disk, I reformatted but I can't seem to get it to work. Any ideas?

    24" Monitor

    $329.99 Samsung SyncMaster 24" LCD Monitor (2443BW) The Samsung SyncMaster 2443BW is a high glossy black; cost effective 24" LCD with outstanding specs, features and performance. It has a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1 DC and supports Full HD resolution. The 2443BW provides the user with a...

    I am dumb. Question about installing CPU

    Well my PC is all sitting here ready to be completed. But I am having a problem with my CPU. I do not know if I need thermal paste for it as in the instructions it doesn't show putting the paste on, and I can't seem to find out info about it on the web. My CPU is e8500 Wolfdale. My mobo is DFi...

    Major errors in XP, not startmenu, cannot system restore, no internet explorer

    jHXJZxZXHZcXcJZx this ismy 5th time typing this because of a stupid erase shortcut on the bloody ps3. sorry fo terrible typig but this is not ideal xp rebooted itselft after an update and sincethen i lost internet...the start menu and the abilitly to ue system restore the menu i have now is...

    Actually building my own new PC

    I know its another build my own PC thread...but still I need some help with things still. So far I am going to get. Intel E8400 Core 2 Dual ATi 4850 512mb...

    A what's the best laptop for me...Thread.

    I am going to University in a few months and am entering Computer Science. A laptop is not needed but considering I hate trying to read my hand written notes I was looking to get 1 for classes and everything. I don't want to break the in around $2000 for the max. Now I am a pretty big...