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  1. JizJizJiz

    [SPOILERS - 28/05/06] Clarkson: WRONG

    Yeah, but it's about as sexy as a retirement home's residents.
  2. JizJizJiz

    [SPOILERS - 28/05/06] Clarkson: WRONG

    Yup, but only the older ones.
  3. JizJizJiz

    Tiff's wrist watch

    It's a Breitling Navitimer as Bart said. Rolex my bottoms.
  4. JizJizJiz

    [06x07] July 10th, 2005

    Exactly. They like each other and that's what men do :-x.
  5. JizJizJiz

    jeremy's driving ban!

  6. JizJizJiz

    [06x04] June 19th, 2005

  7. JizJizJiz

    [06x01] May 22nd, 2005

    I'm fairly sure Toyota provided those cars.
  8. JizJizJiz

    [06x02] May 29th, 2005

    Not many people in Ohio are into British television or cars that aren't from Detroit, period.
  9. JizJizJiz

    [06x02] May 29th, 2005

    Ah. Elyria. I'm from Hudson.
  10. JizJizJiz

    [06x02] May 29th, 2005

    Hey, where in Ohio are you? I graduated high school in Ohio :o.
  11. JizJizJiz

    [06x02] May 29th, 2005

    Yup. By far the most interesting bit of the last season :-x.
  12. JizJizJiz

    Top Gear - Series Six (Starts May 22nd, 2005)

    I can't wait :-x.