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  1. Aces High

    Can't remember which episode it was... HELP!

    Soooo, I don't even know how to begin with. Anyway I'm looking for the episode where James is watching the WRC (I think) race indoors at the Cardiff Stadium (?), but I can't figure out which episode it was, it's an early one perhaps. Please help, I can't get it out of my head :(
  2. Aces High

    Top Gear 14, episode 1: rehearsals

    if somebody is interested to this:
  3. Aces High

    Jeremy Clarkson's first appearance on Top Gear (1988)

    Jeremy Clarkson's first review in 1988: UPDATED: THE ORIGINAL, BUT VERY SHORT, FOOTAGE OF HIS FIRST EVER APPEARANCE IN TELEVISION and the other one from 1988: