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  1. nicjasno

    Cazzo! We escaped the swiss and survived italy - 2019 Swisstaly Roadtrip photo/video thread

    Trip started with breathtaking scenery: Roadblock for the rest of the team: Look at the expensive fuel... Damn, son... Turns out, quattro isn't so good :p The good life in italy: @leviathan decided to start his helicopter pilot career: A random church from the 1960s in the middle...
  2. nicjasno

    Pictures: 2017 FinalGear RingMeet - Feel the freedom

    Time to open a thread for all the pictures from RingMeet XI Here are mine:
  3. nicjasno

    Ownership Verified: Someone stole my trunk and 2 cylinders - a compact winter beater

    Winter is coming.. ... and i need a vehicle during those months of dread salt and misery. So while the e30 will be doing its winter hibernation i would be needing another ride. The past 2 winters i have been borrowing cars from people, and hitching rides, but this is neither practical, nor...
  4. nicjasno

    Focusing on spring - nicjasnos winter loaner

    Now that the e30 is in winter hibernation i managed to loan this gem of a car from a friends old mother, who doesn't drive in winter. Car would be sitting the whole time anyway. It's a 2000 Ford Focus with the "mighty" 75hp 1.4 zetec engine. It makes the car move. Only 62k km on the clock...
  5. nicjasno

    FinalGear invades the UK - 2016 Roadtrip

    As discussed on Facebook and Whatsapp, here's the basic layout and idea of the trip. Dave put together a spreadsheet already with some basic route ideas. The basic idea is that we start somewhere in scottland Edinburgh/Glasow and go from there. The cars need to be sub 500gbp vehicles with...
  6. nicjasno

    Tire sizes and track width in the 70s

    I'm not finding anything on google, so i'm asking the FG crowd. It seems to me that in the 70s there was an evolution of front track width and tire sizes. I can find no information whether this was by changes in regulations, or if regulations just permitted such a wide range of front tire...
  7. nicjasno

    Ownership Verified: My 89' E30 325i Touring

    So, after a very exhausting day, this is finally in my garage. Thanks to my OCD, cleaning the interior took a long time, so i was suprised by the dark. I will post more daylight pics and something more about the car tomorrow. For now this:
  8. nicjasno

    OBD to computer

    I have an obd connector, now i've been told that i also need a "blue box" that is kind of a converter or something that goes between the obd and computer, to make it all work. Does anybody know what this blue box is and where to get it?
  9. nicjasno

    New small car with very low fuel consumption

    Sometime this year the opel will get replaced by a new car. It'll be a smallish car, the range of the polo/corsa/mito.... Now i'm totally undecided on what to buy, so i will ask gear for suggestions. The car will be driven 90% of the time in the city, short distances and a requirement is that...
  10. nicjasno

    No 56k: My mechanics' 79' Zastava 101

    After his daily driver, a 2001 seat toledo changed shape in a chain crash: My mechanic had to call upon the services of his old 1979 zastava 101, which served him as a daily driver up untill 2 years ago. Now of course, he will register it as a historic vehicle, so it'll cost him virtually...
  11. nicjasno

    The driver bashing thread

    The title says it all i belive, and it was shown in the technical discussion thread, that this is a topic worth exploring, so here we go. This thread is ment to debate our missapproval about a drivers on and off-track actions. Ok, we could squeeze some approval in there, but it's mostly about...
  12. nicjasno

    No 56k: My 96' Opel Astra

    Since i had to change both front A arms i decided i might aswell post some pictures of this epic fail that opel sold as the Opel Astra from 91-96. You will notice, that there is also some rust starting to develop, despite the car being garaged all its life. Also, the car only has 97k kilometers. :(
  13. nicjasno

    No 56k: My visit to the IAA 2009

    This year me and my buddies decided to go for it and visit the IAA in Frankfurt. We picked the weekend because of time concerns, and it was the first weekend, which ment that the crowds would be enormous. We were proven right as we arrived. The waiting lines were quite big. But thanks to german...