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    The Top Sountrack/Score Composers? this might bee helpful, albeit a bit outdated
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    [17x07] December 28th, 2011 [India Special]

    it's the same song as the first ever American challenge right after they've painted their cars with the slogans on it. It should be one of the few songs above Hans Zimmer's The Chant. forgot what exactly the tracks are or the exact episode number
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    [17x07] December 28th, 2011 [India Special]

    Steve Jablonsky - I'm Just the Messenger from Transformers 3
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    [17x01] June 26th, 2011

    second that. I think Daft Punk - Outlands is used somewhere near the end of the the BMW M series
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    [16x03] February 6th, 2011

    53:46 - 54:34 sounds like something from "inside man OST"
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    [15x07] December 21st, 2010 [US Special]

    35:17 - 35:27 Ray Evans & Jay Livingston - Bonanza (or the theme from Bonanza if you wanna call it that way)
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    [15x07] December 21st, 2010 [US Special]

    For 64:52 - 65:53 - Trailerhead - Spiritus Omnia, it should be Immediate Music - Spiritus Omina. Trailerhead is the album title, Spiritus Omnia is track #9 of that album =]
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    [15x07] December 21st, 2010 [US Special]

    64:52 - 65:53 should be a song by Immediate Music. Searching which title it exactly is
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    [13x04] July 12th, 2009

    it should be "Why So Serious". just that they edited the "Bang.... Bang" and mixed it a bit earlier i guess
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    [13x04] July 12th, 2009

    48:41 - 49:12 Hans Zimmer - Like A Dog Chasing Cars 53:50 - 54:40 Hans ZImmer - Why So Serious? i guess many of you would hv known this anyway =]
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    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    54:37 - 55:13 sounds like something from the Hans Zimmer studio, possibly john powell or sth from the hitman movie? 58:21 - 58:39 pretty sure it's sth from Tyler Bate's 300 soundtrack album
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    [01x06] November 3rd, 2008

    33:07 - 33:24 I've heard that somewhere else as well is there anyone who knows what that is =S
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    [11x02] June 29th, 2008

    03:40 - 04:19 and 07:40 - 08:16 I'm not sure and this is just guessin, it sounds like sth from Tyler Bate's 300
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    [11x02] June 29th, 2008

    yea i was wondering if 25:24 - 26:05's from Bourne as well but I searched through Ultimatum and I don't think it's there, yet it's just so familiar.
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    [11x02] June 29th, 2008

    24:24 - 24:45 Definitely something from Bourne series (most prolly Ultimatum) 25:24 - 26:05 Should be sth from Bourne as well, sounds like from first of the trilogy (just guessing), and still downloading the soundtracks of bourne
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    Top Gear Theme Available for Download

    yea cuz i ripped it off the recordings can anyone download these 2 and repost it somewhere as well? cuz it seems to deny my permission to download it, yet I can listen to it online Other links are dead I think - just checked them Long Short
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    Top Gear Theme Available for Download

    After half an hour of work I've managed to mix the theme together by grabbing the first half from the start, and the ending part from the 'specials' which isn't interrupted by the 'coming-up-show-thingy' Anyway, here you go Gear Theme.mp3 Please...
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    Top Gear Cameras?

    in the Britcar 24hr they used the Sony Z1P, and some other larger cameras
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    [10x09] December 9th, 2007

    this is definitely the best episode ever even better than the polar challenge, even better than the american trip
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    [01x05] November 17th, 2002

    08:26 - 08:41 Sweetbox - Somewhere Instrumental