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  1. 72SSAbody

    Another pinball machine for the basement game room!

    Thought I would share as I'm pumped I found one of these. I've been wanting one of these machines for a while. Its called "Strange Science." Yep, a knock off of the '80's flick Weird Science due to licensing agreements :lol: Fun game with five ball multiball if your lucky/skilled enough...
  2. 72SSAbody

    New 2 wheeler for me

    I've wanted one of these for a while now and with the recent demise of HD and Buell - the deals on bikes at the dealership during this financial apocalypse were too good to pass up. So, I bought an 1125R a couple of months ago. I thought I would share. I've owned another bike off the XB...
  3. 72SSAbody

    Game Rooms - Pinball, MAME, Multicade

    Anyone else have a game room? I love console play, but these old machines really bring back some childhood memories. I've attached some pics of my first pin - MotorDome I just picked up my second pinball machine (Williams Road Kings) for the game room. It was sold "as-is" and came to the...
  4. 72SSAbody

    Top Gear Coffee Table - Almost done!!

    Thought I would give an update on the progress of my TG coffee table. Enjoy the pictures! Steve Jobs' camera phone sucks - so blame him for the bad pics ;)
  5. 72SSAbody

    Bonneville Speed Week, Rallies and "other" motorsports events

    Watching the trailer for "Love the Beast" got me thinking about what rallies or motorsports events are out there for amateurs? I really could careless about rallies like the Gumball Rally etc. I'm talking more like the Silver State Classic etc. Hopefully I'm not the only one that's dreamed...
  6. 72SSAbody

    My Fox body Mustangs

    I thought I would show off some mustangs my brother and I are building at the moment. The first is a '91 that a guy needed to get rid of. Black on black factory car. Just got out of the paint booth. Should be a fun fox to have around. The last one is a '90 that I picked up with a blown 302...
  7. 72SSAbody

    Top Gear Coffee Table - More Progress

    Got my aluminum standoffs in today for the table. Just gotta run to the hardware store and pick up some studs to get them mounted into the V12. I now need to find a place local that can cut tempered glass. I'm looking to put a little bit more thought into it than TG's table (rectangle is a...
  8. 72SSAbody

    I would love to own this artist's work

    Has anyone seen his work in person?? Pretty neat how he scrounges for the right pieces to use and doesn't use any paint.
  9. 72SSAbody

    Progress on my Top Gear coffee table

    I thought I would share some of the small progress I've made on my V12 Jag coffee stand. Not sure if this is the correct place to put this post :blink: as it didn't seem to go anywhere else <_< Anyways, I just happened to find this block while surfing Craigs List at the airport I was flying...