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    Best car!

    Here's the game, it's quite simple: Step 1: Find an online car configurator. Step 2: Try to make a car that's as undesirable as possible. It can be due to price, option configuration, color scheme or all three. Be creative! Step 3: Post the results with a screencap. Step 4: Rate the person who...
  2. 2Billion

    Autoblog: Hyundai says "Hey 2billion, you should buy a car from us next time" with Veloster.

    Hyundai says "Hey 2billion, you should buy a car from us next time" with Veloster. I like small hatchbacks for daily drivers. The Veloster is a bit overstyled, but the numbers look sexy. It has only 138 hp, sure, but it's also only 2,568 lbs. It's got a six speeds no matter what gearbox you...
  3. 2Billion

    Autoblog: So the condom broke: Nissan's new Quest.

    Sauce Personally, if I needed to buy a minivan for some reason, this would be the one I'd take.
  4. 2Billion

    Concept: Nissan Ellure shows possible Nissan design direction, hatred of straight lines.

    So, it's a FWD hybrid with a bunch of impractical touches to remind you it isn't real. Some of it could translate into a new Altima really well I think, though the grille is odd to me. Sauce
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    Concept: Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept.

    In brief: "We saw the Aston IQ and thought it was a smashing idea so we did the same thing and gave it Lambo doors in order to make possibly the ill fitting Cadillac since we scribbled Cimarron on a Cavalier in Crayon." Sauce
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    Pig in lipstick: Avenger gets new interior, is still an Avenger.

    I like how someone at Fiat is recognizing at least one of Dodge's massive flaws, and the interiors are getting upgraded. Still doesn't mean anyone should ever buy an Avenger though. Saucy
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    Need to lose weight? The Chery-Riich M5 has arrived!

    China's newest appetite suppressant! On sale in China now. Luckily not on sale elsewhere.
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    The second in the "horrible issues" series: '03 Mazda Protoge.

    Alright. I know a guy whose car is about to explode. He needs a car that is not about to explode. He is cheap. He wants something made after 2000. This seems to look acceptable: Thoughts...
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    Oh boy, the new Aveo is revealed! Somehow it fails to meet my already very low expectations.
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    Wait, Jacques Villeneuve released an album?

    And this is a song from it apparently. From what I can gather, it's called Private Paradise and sold under 1000 copies in '07. It doesn't seem to be a hilarious crash and burn like most people who are known for things that aren't singing making an album - more really boring - but I'm still...
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    Horrible issues with new Cobalts

    I know a guy looking for a cheap, appliance-y car. He just wants something cheap with warranty. He's not looking for suggestions, but he IS going to be tempted by Cobalt fire sales - good lord GM is piling the incentives on those. If I have to talk him out of it, what's going to explode on the...
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    Debate at Changfeng.

    Stylist #1: I want to rip off the Volvo S40. Stylist #2: But I want to rip off a last-gen Hyundai Sonata. Stylist #1: The last-gen Sonata is old now, and the S40 is cool! Stylist #2: But the S40 is Chinese now, we can't rip off our brothers! Sonata! Eventually they came to a compromise. Here is...
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    Power Supplies!

    Hey everyone! I need a new power supply. Problem is, I bought a smelly Dell a few years ago (not going to make that mistake twice) and as I am upgrading things like video cards it turns out I need a manlier power supply. Something 450W+. Since I'm sure someone here knows something, here are my...
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    Finding a vehicle for my mom: One big requirement

    Okay, so my parents need a new car, since their old one has braking issues - as in, the brakes are not so good at stopping the car. Here's the thing though, my mom has MS, and as a result has a lot of difficulty lifting her left leg. So they need something without a lip by the door in the front...
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    Yugo on sale for the price of a new Nissan Versa

    How many drugs do you have to take? All yours for a mere $14,500
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    What's a good one of those? I've got a Microsoft I-found-it-in-a-bin special, and while it works fine I would like something a bit more comfortable, smoother, and so on. I looked at a Logitech G500 and was intrigued, that one good? Anything else good? Anything else good and also not expensive...
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    Rumour Mill: Some analyst predicts Kia not long for this world.

    On the other hand, Hyundai is also announcing a fairly large amount of new product for Kia and is trying to position them as some sort of cool Hyundai. The entire reason this guy has for Kia being cut seems to be that well, Pontiac, Saturn and Mercury were, so Hyundai is totally going to do it...
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    Red: Helen Mirren plus automatic weapons.

    There's something just badass about Helen Mirren in general, definite GMILF. Plus with heavy weapons = love. Also, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich.