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  1. Burak

    GTR N?rburgring Trophy (a bit boring stuff)

    Hi everyone, I'm a gt player for a long time. When the first gt came out I was very young but played all of the gt series. Actually I think I have serious problem with sustainability and accuracy. My lap times mostly didn't match. Indeed they match if I could complete the lap. I made little...
  2. Burak

    which car's mirrors are these?

    I found these mirrors in my grandfather's depot. Does anyone know what these are belongs to? I guess 1960s american but i don't know actually. After many years in box they are still in perfect condition.
  3. Burak

    Visual effects in race Abu Dhabi 13x02?

    I can't find on search. So what do you think why do they need to do this?
  4. Burak

    what is that come from? Xj220 vs zonda It is not from 05x02.
  5. Burak

    Which dvd is that? Jaguar X type down ski slope

    Season 4 episode 9 Jeremy Clarkson shows a part of a dvd or episode while introducing Jaguar X type wagon. I can't find this show. Which dvd is that? here is the link if you want
  6. Burak

    Canon FD Lens to EOS EF Body Mount Adapter

    Hi everybody. I have Canon 50d body and Canon 55mm f/1.2, 24mm f/2.8, 100mm f/2.8 FD lenses. I've tried one of them and result is like that at low F
  7. Burak

    Letter comes with Black Series?

    Jeremy talks about the letter in season 11 episode 2 while introducing CLK Black Series. Does anyone know the letter? I searched on internet but can't find any other information and text about the letter. I think Mercedes wrote a one for Jeremy :)
  8. Burak

    Duel - discussion thread

    So do you like it? I would like to see an amg or black series in drifting competition and more exciting duels instead of Gallardo and FocusRS
  9. Burak

    What happened to the Top Gear restoration?

    List was like that, -James Dean's Lotus -The Royal Range Rover -The Clockwork Orange Probe -Keith Moon's Chrysler -Paddy Hopkirk's Mini After the selection what happened? Did they show it?
  10. Burak

    15 years without Ayrton Senna

    1 May 1994... It's now 15 years since he died. Never forget him
  11. Burak

    How can I get TG magazine from out of UK?

    I see the introduction of magazine at TG's web site. How can I get one on the internet? Is there any websites about it? Can I find it on Ebay?