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  1. Spectre

    Ding Dong, The Bug Is Dead (for now) The good news: They FINALLY killed off the "MOAR AGGRESSIVE" New New Beetle. Good riddance. The bad news: They're going to replace it with a new interpretation of the Hippie Bus. BOOOOOOOO.
  2. Spectre

    Sacramento County Says It's Illegal to Work on Your Own Car in Your Own Garage

    Jalopnik via MSN: Many links in the original article.
  3. Spectre

    Second Toyota Tundra Hits 1,000,000 Miles

    Pics and vid at link.
  4. Spectre

    Texas Bans Red Light Cameras Good riddance.
  5. Spectre

    Ford invests $500 million in electric pickup startup Rivian, will make an EV together
  6. Spectre

    Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows,-german-study-shows That's not gone well.
  7. Spectre

    2006 Ford GT sets standing-mile record at 300.4 mph With a top speed of 216 mph, the new Ford GT is the fastest car the automaker has ever made, but it just got whooped by one of the old ones. A modified 2006 GT became the first street-legal car to break the 300...
  8. Spectre

    News: GM also (largely) bailing out of sedan/car market Earlier this year they switched to quarterly sales reporting instead of monthly, which smelled of desperation to cover up bad news as long as possible. This comes as little surprise. Also, LOL, nobody wants the Obamamobile Volt or the...
  9. Spectre

    Ownership Verified: So I went to go buy a commuter box...

    ...and ended up with something completely different. As noted in my Bronco thread, I've come to the realization that that thing is a time/money sink and can't reasonably do what I need it to do. It's being reassembled and as soon as it runs, it's getting sold. The plan was to sell the Bronco...
  10. Spectre

    News: NHTSA Now Investigating Tesla Model S ‘Autopilot’ Crash

    Source: That's pretty bad. I know for a fact that the adaptive cruise control on a 2014 Hyundai Genesis sedan is perfectly capable of "seeing" a fire truck and braking to a stop before hitting...
  11. Spectre

    News: California Drivers Ranked The Worst in the United States in Annual Study Not like we needed confirmation that CA sucked, but it's nice to have.
  12. Spectre

    News: Self-driving shuttle crashes in Las Vegas hours after launch

    Well, that didn't take long... Pics at link. To be fair, later reports indicate that the shuttle was initially sitting still in the semi's blind spot while it was backing up. However, the road was (reportedly) clear behind the shuttle and it seems the shuttle did not have the logic to move...
  13. Spectre

    Florida Highway Patrol Troopers Told To Write At Least 2 Citations Per Hour

    ... but it's somehow 'not a quota.' This kind of violation of common sense and denial of reality (a 'non-quota' quota) is one of many reasons why people 1) speed and 2) have reduced respect for law enforcement.
  14. Spectre

    Report: GM may kill Chevy Volt, Sonic and four other cars All six of those cars need to be taken out back and shot except maybe the CT6.
  15. Spectre

    News: Ford fires Mark Fields, replaces him with Jim Hackett as CEO. Not sure what to think of this.
  16. Spectre

    About that "Manual Transmissions Are A Security Feature" concept... - Video at link. Might want to re-think that.
  17. Spectre

    Radio Shack declares bankruptcy again... Video at link.
  18. Spectre

    "Plastic Roads"

    Remember the idiot Solar Roads idea? Well, now someone in the EU has had an almost equally bad idea - making roads out of plastics - specifically, recycled plastic drink bottles. Thunderf00t has a video out now about this - which also contains an amusing note about the Solar Roads test...
  19. Spectre

    Ford confirms return of Ranger pickup and Bronco SUV This better not be another embarrassment like the new 'Cherokee.'
  20. Spectre

    Autoblog: The Lexus Sriracha IS is the hottest Lexus ever

    Pictures at link: I think Lexus completely misunderstood what people mean when they say they want a hot car; instead of creating a more interesting and entertaining car, they took their bland, flavorless tofu car...