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  1. dj.TAKA

    [Not a GT-R forum] R33 Skyline Art

    Paid commision for a friend. Little rushed but it turned out ok. :cool:
  2. dj.TAKA

    Karma is a Bitch

    Just for Inspectah13 Well, wasn't that a waste of time. Bit of a pussy method, but I guess it will get back at those who exploited the glitch.
  3. dj.TAKA

    How to Drive your Veryon Correctly Way to go. :lol: :|
  4. dj.TAKA

    Can't remember If I made a thread for my crap or not.

    But what the hell, here's some of my work I did earlier. :cool: Sorta uninspiried as of late, hopefully i'll do more later. :( Cheers, plenty more on my DA page. :)
  5. dj.TAKA

    My (old) 84' Trueno

    I agree with JC, old cars are better/faster :P And my old car. (Which in that old/vs new episode would have Beaten that new MRS)