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  1. VUK

    Are you ready...? lol

    Hi all Don't panic i'm still 'ere lol. Next weeks TG I will be able to record my self, my brother will probably do it for us. I have to go on some managment training course starting sunday! Had to be sunday? Then from then onwards I will capture and upload as normal. Thanks
  2. VUK


    Just been to the show, JC, hampster and tiff were great lmao, loads of piss taking. They even did a football game with that toyota aygo. After the show on motorway I got overtaken by black range rover with JR07 number plate doing 120mph, had to be JC, did take a look when i cought up with him...
  3. VUK

    Interesting topic on FG's attempt at 200MPH

    On pistonheads forums, someone from fg asked has anyone achieved 200mph for under 50k lol
  4. VUK

    2007 Ford Shelby GR1 concept

    Just got this from my forum: Subject: FW: Shelby_GR1g. >Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 17:09:16 -0700 > > > >-----Original Message----- >From: peter wall >Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 9:52 AM >Subject: Shelby_GR1g. > > >THIS IS THE NEW SHELBY...... > >THIS IS AWESOME........... >MAKES YOU WANT TO...
  5. VUK

    New TV card :P

    Some of you know that I had problems with my previous digital tv card. Now I invested around 250$ in the top one. It is very good and very stable, the pic quality is superb :) Now just got to wait for FG/TG to start :thumbsup: Info...
  6. VUK

    New TV CARD! It better work...

    Because of the annoying "purple noise" in the videos that you have pointed out in this thread: ...I ordered new TV card, this is digital and should produce best results. Now I need to work out how to use xvid instead of divx... :cry:
  7. VUK

    Sunday 31st October on top gear...

    Top Gear (Motoring) Time - 20:00 - 21:00 (1 hour long) When - Sunday 31st October on BBC 2 Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May present the motoring series. Featuring a review of the new Ford Focus; the Ferrari Enzo makes a rare appearance at the track; and today's supercars go head...
  8. VUK

    In the next Top Gear...

    Jeremy Clarkson tests the new Ford GT, Richard Hammond says goodbye to a motoring icon - the Rover V8, and James May reviews the Maserati Quattroporte. This week's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car is Martin Clunes. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Ford GT is probably jeremy's
  9. VUK

    Tomorow in top gear....

    Jeremy tests the Spyker C8 Spyder, while Richard and James try their hand at minicabbing and road test two new MPVs - the Renault Scenic and the Ford C-Max. This week's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car is Lionel Richie.
  10. VUK

    Nice short URL for this site! or :)
  11. VUK


    Just got my new TV card... this one rocks! It has 10x better picture then my old one and the sound is much much better :) Anyway I have recorded a short clip (1st try) for you guys to take a look. All new Top Gear/Fifth Gear videos will look like this...
  12. VUK

    Top Gear - Best of *TOMOROW/TUES, 6th Jan*

    It will be 30MIN episode, recording as usual :) Dunno where are you going to get it from... I might upload it somewhere... :?
  13. VUK

    *NEW* file format and *NEW* file sizes!!

    From now on all videos provided by me will be coded in DivX 5.1 format @ 595KBps of video bit rate and 44KHz 64kb/s MONO for audio. Top Gear 1 hour episode size = 280MB ~ (previous = 190-200MB) Fifth Gear 30 min episode size = 120-140MB ~ (previous = 70-80MB) The quality will be improved...
  14. VUK

    @@@ DONATIONS @@@

    Hey all! :wink: If you can donate some money which could be used to provide servers or I could get new TV card for better quality videos :shock: Anyway if you can, donate by paypal to this email: I think it accepts Uk pounds/Us dollars or euro :) THANKS!!!! :wink:
  15. VUK

    Last episode tonight (2003.12.28)

    Shame tonight is the last episode of Top Gear. I have no idea when is going to start again :( Anyway I will record it as usual and will be able to send it to you guys at 9:10PM GMT :)
  16. VUK


    From now on I can send fifth and top gear episodes over MSN or ICQ. Alternatively PM me with your FTP details. ICQ: 155848071 MSN: :wink: EDIT: Glad I could help out, but from now on I don't have or internet speed to send the episodes. sorry, i am sure other peole will...
  17. VUK

    latest and last Fifth Gear

    Today (Monday 15th December 2003) was last episode of Fifth Gear in this series. :cry: It was a great episode tho, top 10 ferrari's voted in UK :) Anyway as soon as the download becomes available you can enjoy it too :wink: