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  1. Zuhaib

    What to do with a sentimental car that has been in a bad accident

    Hey all, So I got a car problem that is more of a heart issue then is mechanically which is odd. So some quick back story, the car is a 1963 VW Bug that is owned by my dad's old friend who is like family to me. That car has been his since the mid 60s and is pretty famous and was a local...
  2. Zuhaib

    What to do with an old Dell PowerEdge 2800

    So I just took position of an old PowerEdge 2800 Tower. Quick Specs: Single 3.0 Xeon 2GB DDR2 2x 146GB U320 SCSI Drives connected to a PERC4 3 NICS But I dont know what to do with this bad boy. It servered its old life as en E-Mail server and small time file server. But now its home, and I...
  3. Zuhaib

    San Francisco 2010 Meetup w/Viper!

    Yes you read it right, this is a Meetup where you might actually get to meet the leader himself, Viper007Bond! We had a Final Gear Meetup a few years back and it was great, and this year with Viper in town I thought lets do it again so I can actually meet a guy I knew since 2003 online (really...
  4. Zuhaib

    How far to push an oil change

    Hey all, So here is an weird question, I have been a bit busy lately with stuff and totally forgot to make an appointment for my cars 50k oil change for the GTI. Its already at 50,500 :( Anyways I called up the local indy shop I take the car and they in the past have been very good at getting...
  5. Zuhaib

    The $15 cup of coffee

    Ok crazy Zuhaib at it again with the insanely priced coffee. Its not the first time. and Anyways, if anyone here a true Coffee fan you likely already know...
  6. Zuhaib

    Bittorrnet client for headless system

    So I have a Linux NAS running in the house which I use to grab Torrents with because it can run all night and be left alone, grab from RSS (tho its not working with my current setup) and etc. I have been using Vuze for a while now with WebUI but its still a PITA and it seems to cause problems...
  7. Zuhaib

    Help troubleshoot a fussy server

    So i am frustrated with my NAS right now, for some reason it does not want to run stable if its doing something CPU intensive. It runs 99% of the stable UNLESS its doing a Hash check on a large torrent (usually 10GB+), in which case it runs for a bit and then just hangs. If i have a monitor...
  8. Zuhaib

    Roman Polanski Case

    I am a bit shocked no one has yet made a post about the Roman Polanski case going on right now between the US/Swiss and the French/Polish over his recent arrest. Here is an story about it form the BBC, and you read the smoking gun case notes...
  9. Zuhaib

    Help ID a baseball player signature

    Hey so I found a few gems going thru my old baseball stuff, first a signed glove by Orlando Cepeda which I was :D But I also found a signed ball, which I cant ID who its by. I know it was a Giants player, it happen during a park opening here in the city. My memory says I think its a pitcher...
  10. Zuhaib

    Jump on the Comcast Bandwagon or still with DSL

    So the last few days in the IRC chan i have been debating outloud If i should make the switch and I thought fuck it lets take it to the forum. Right now i have DSLX 6mbps/756kbps which is great other then its slow compared to cable speeds. But they dont fuss as of yet anything I do which is...
  11. Zuhaib

    Taking the new Ford Fiesta for a Spin

    So a local (well somewhat, 30 miles from home) fair had the Ford people out doing the test drive of the Ford Fiesta and I just so happen to be there so I thought hey why not! I blogged about it (yes spam for me) Photos and...
  12. Zuhaib

    Splitting Lanes in UK on a Motorcycle

    So while rewatching the first ep of this season of top gear I noticed during traffic you can see Richard on the Black Shadow splitting lanes in traffic. This is a bit odd as pretty much in all states but CA its illegal and I would have assumed it would be in UK as well. Is that the case or is...
  13. Zuhaib

    Finding Soyo Bios download

    So, i have an old Soyo Motherboard in a NAS. But Soyo went belly up, and with them all the sites. The file i am looking for is kvxa2ba9.exe which is the BIOS for Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus! If anyone knows who has it, super thanks!
  14. Zuhaib

    Actually being affected by the GM melt down

    Maybe this should go in the American Leyland thread.. but maybe not So how am I, from San Francisco affective from this GM melt down... Well they might be closing the NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA which is walking distance from a property my family own and rent out. We bought it just at start...
  15. Zuhaib

    ManRam been ramming Roids in his body

    From the LATimes,0,6324894.story This just had me really laughing out loud on my laptop when I saw this. Yeah I know I am a Gaints fan, home of Barry Bonds but its been a bit funny the last few years that when all the Press would...
  16. Zuhaib

    Michael Savage, American DJ, banned from UK

    I am shocked no one posted this yet as its a good topic for a American forum about a UK show =P Here is the read from the BBC Now I hate this guy, I remember listing to him one and thought this guy was off his meds or something. And I am a GOP...
  17. Zuhaib

    News: Ford cuts debt by $9.9bn, sees 15% jump in stock price

    From the BBC, Interesting as many thought Ford was pretty much being arrogant in not taking Gov money and now looks like the strongest of the 3. To me that did not seem very clear as I thought GM had the stronger car offering of the 3 but I...
  18. Zuhaib

    A good Wireless-N Router that can be hacked

    So it looks like my Linksys WRT54G has decided it only wants to be a wired network and has the wireless dead. Nothing I do to it with DD-WRT can get it to transmit or Rx. So I might as well replace it and go N as my MBP has the N-card. But I want something that can run be hacked using OpenWRT...
  19. Zuhaib

    New Sig test

    New Siggy test!
  20. Zuhaib

    No 56k: SCCA @ Infineon Raceway and SteveLevin Crash

    Yeah a bit late, but with Ramadan and all I have been busy. So last week SteveLevin told me he as going to race over labor day weekend at Infineon Raceway (formerly Sears Point) and being the nice weather it was I thought it would make for a perfect ride and get some racing in. Too bad for...