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  1. NFF

    dirty leggy.

    well i got my 02 legacy wagon today. love the sound of it runs suprisingly smooth for 234K KM it will need engine work soon though. wooo 50/50 torque split! will post a vid soon.
  2. NFF

    subaru experts needed.

    im looking at a 2002 subaru legacy wagon. (BH) with 233k km on it the body looks to be in decent shape. i'v driven it once a good while ago it seemed to be strong and drive well but dident get much time with it and its been such a long time that i cant remember it. with that milage...
  3. NFF

    1100cc's of spinny goodness

    well as you can tell its winter. and this is my princess. oh look a kenworth cab over! naiseboatz also rust in canada? it reminds me of a searay with the front difuser. the other rims and the 155 profile winter tires. ok mods: k&n filter royal purple ngk...