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  1. WillDAQ

    The Game Forum

    Is there any way for a user to add The Game Forum to some sort of ignore list?
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    Desert Bus For Hope

    It's Desert Bus time again, for those who've never heard of it:
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    Car Battery Life

    I've just replaced the Lexus' battery after some decidedly underwhelming starts and discovered that it's the original OEM battery, which has soldiered on for a solid 9 years of short round town work. Could probably have got a few more out of it if i'd topped it up. So it's got me thinking...
  4. WillDAQ

    UK gets bored of Europe, wants out. All the parties were in support of a referendum before the last election, now all three are trying to prevent that from occurring. Why? Well if this goes to a referendum we're leaving: "49% of those polled would vote to leave the EU in a...
  5. WillDAQ

    The Japanese Mercedes

    Yes indeed.. have finally chopped in my actual Mercedes (well, Smart) for the Japanese version. 50k miles, 2002. No proof pic because.. well it's a Lexus. The red arrow points to the Radio Norwich window sticker, that's right, bought a car ironically.
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    Thinking about a Lexus IS200 first gen. I know they drink petrol, but at the moment i'm spending so much of maintenance for the miles I do that it really doesn't matter. Any thoughts/views/experience? Also, in b4
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    Clearly still popular...

    Today's number one read article on the BBC news website? Take a look for yourself. Seriously, an article about Clarkson's fence beat out everything from politics to the Japantastrophy. While the top two are both Top Gear related. It's almost a little sad really.
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    Another computer upgrade suggestions thread

    Hi All, Got this - AMD x64 3500+ - Old DDR2 ram - Old mobo - ShitForce 9500 GT - Decent HDD, PSU, other stuff Need - Mobo - CPU/cooler - RAM - GFX card Budget: ?400-500 (Those not from Ukania, or are the weapons of choice)
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    Calling all Floridonians

    Going to be heading out to Florida on Monday, will have a few spare days and a hire car. Starting in Orlando and have to finish in Miami, planning to drive down to Key West on the ocean highway. Any suggestions for attractions / accommodation / etc?
  10. WillDAQ

    Clarkson: Still not sure what to do about the Stig Come on FinalGear, we should be good at this sort of thing! I suggest they carry on as normal except for a suitable Stig introduction: "Some say that his...
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    Government to scrap M4 bus lane About time!
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    Things that ruined a film for you...

    Ok, this is sort of a meld of 'things you spot in TG' and the OCD thread. Do you ever spot something trivial in a film that instantly breaks the suspension of disbelief and annoys you immensely? If so, what was it? Two examples: 1) Flash Gordon: they arrive at the planet Earth with Mong doing...
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    Cheap Car/Van Challenge

    Ok guys and gals, looking for some suggestions here... In September me and a mate are going to be attempting to support a ten day bike ride of the length of the UK. We're not going to be talking the smart as while it will carry out luggage it's not going to be able to carry spare bike parts or...
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    Top Gear Game / GT5 Content

    OK, you'll have to bear with me on this one, but have a read of Clarkson's latest column. Now that's not a normal photo shoot, that's the process they go through when creating a digital model of someone for an animation or video game. What's more, the BBC have recently made a move into games...
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    Moss injured in lift accident I don't think there's much more I can add to that... what a way to get injured!
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    Fact Me! (Subaru Impreza)

    As you probably know I drive something a bit different which I am very happy with, if only because 30mph feels more like 120. However this doesn't stop the mind wondering to new possibilities. And so we have todays car of interest, a Subaru Impreza GX. Significantly more discrete than the WRXs...
  17. WillDAQ

    Ratings Progression

    Every time up' posts the rating stats it I always think that it would be nice to have a history graph... so I finally did one. I'd always been under the impression that season 9 was a peak after which TG had been sliding a bit, but clearly not! Figured a few people might be moderately...
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    Toyota to Fail and Go Press Conference is on right now..
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    Manor F1... it sort of sounds like Minardi?

    Two observations: 1) Please tell me that the head of one of the new F1 teams doesn't honestly think this year's rule changes are anything like as complex as last years, the aerodynamic aspects (which are the most difficult to develop) are almost identical! Expect little change in grid order for...
  20. WillDAQ

    Beaulieu Pics

    Was scanning through this, which is a gallery of TG accidents when low and behold a load of Top Gear exhibit pics appeared! Seeing as many of you live thousands of miles away, thought you might like a scan through.