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    Ownership Verified: 1000lbs. Lighter! 1987 Mercury Colony Park

    More set backs! I love set backs! So, trying to remove the brake line out of the splitter on the drivers side proved pointless as the brake fitting is now rounded off after many applications of Deep Creep and heat did nothing. As is par for the course, I really do think thread sprays are snake...
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    Cazzo! We escaped the swiss and survived italy - 2019 Swisstaly Roadtrip photo/video thread

    Day 4 wasn't much driving other than to the helicopter museum. So we're skipping right to Day 5 when we left Ghiffa and drove into the mountains again. Here's the morning as we ascend. EDIT It seems I exported in 720p, sorry! I am exporting now and will upload the 1080 version when it's ready.
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    Craig(B)'s List - Oddities and Weird Stuff

    I don’t know why but I would like to try a Saturn wagon. Not bad.
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    That’ll teach assholes to check the read receipt box. That is only there because jackasses what their stuff read now and no later when you’re in a better frame of mine.
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    Ownership Verified: Oh no, they've got another one - leviathan's MX-5 NC

    There’s that and then there’s “well I don’t have to finish this repair tonight” which makes repairs less stressful or you can procrastinate more. :) Nice to see this’ll stay around.
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    Jalopnik has gone down the toilet ver. 3.0

    I wish I knew. What’s funny is I seem to recall them sharing stories about super cheap flights. A commenter came through and posted a less than $100 flight on southwest they posted about recently. :) I don’t get it, what’s the plan here? (Asking them not you.)
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    Jalopnik has gone down the toilet ver. 3.0

    Alright, what? This is stupid. Some of us travel often not because it’s fun but because it’s how we earn a living. This would negatively affect my field. If you think food and other products are expensive now, imagine raising...
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    Harley-Davidson Suspends LiveWire Production

    Man if Harley goes, that just leaves Mercury Marine and Allen Bradley for big employers up there. Sure theres that Foxconn building about an hour south of Milwaukee but that seems like snake oil.
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    Best of eBay and Craigslist

    Fuck the concord. I hate those things, another FWD turd made to appear "luxurious."
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    Clarkson's Sunday Times Columns

    It also helps that the BBC wasn't sold to a private corporation(s) like the US did in the 90s to our major networks.
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    Show us your Lego!

    What is practical these days?
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    I’m surprised to took this long for someone to notice!

    I’m surprised to took this long for someone to notice!
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    Random Thoughts....

    I’m starting to figure out Frankfurts weird airport but it still sucks. O’Hares international arrivals system is hopelessly inefficient and I’m always embarrassed how people come here and this is the first thing they see. Happy you made it.
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    Herpaderp and general screw-ups thread

    Last week after landing in Chicago airport, it was 8pm which I’m usually home relaxing at that point. I must have walked back and forth about 4 times before I knew where baggage claim #7 was. Security camera guys probably had a good laugh.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    only if they get rid of that forking CVT and silly fixed forward mounted headrests.
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    Where In The World Is..?

    He was at ringmeet this year.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Not great, not terrible. laughs in Jeep Patriot
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    Good news! Amazon renews TGT for Season 4

    They’re old fucks with a workaholic addiction.
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    Ownership Verified: 1000lbs. Lighter! 1987 Mercury Colony Park

    So I started replacing drum hardware in the back but I was held back with finishing due to the splitter that takes the rear brake line coming from the master cylinder to the rear having different sized threads than the wheel cylinders, I got pissed and left this alone. I started the project in...
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    Proposed FCA, Renault merger

    Is this a plan to put together the two brands with the oldest platforms still sold as new?