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  1. WillDAQ

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    They really aren't, and haven't been for a while. They don't have the ties they used to have.
  2. WillDAQ

    UnUnited Kingdom

    Games are now really afoot. Scotland has a parliament which deals with certain areas of policy. Those areas of policy are controlled by Westminster for the rest of the country.. however, Scottish MPs get to vote in Westmister on those issues even though the outcome will have no effect on their...
  3. WillDAQ

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Or the opposite.. The F1 rulebook is the strictest in the motorsport world because people have been 'creatively' interpreting it for years. Put the LMP1 regs under the same scrutiny and i'm sure you'd rapidly see the perceived freedom disappear.
  4. WillDAQ

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Forget the cooling, another opportunity to jam a hand in the downforce cookie jar... Which is part of the reason that they're discussing more strict limits on the corners, might even become a standard design.
  5. WillDAQ

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Larger rims will help with the eventual tyre blanket ban (Pirelli has requested that the two occur at the same time). As to aero benefit or otherwise, just a quick retune of the FW and corner.
  6. WillDAQ

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Wow, that didn't look as bad on paper.... Should have an interesting side effect on rear wing stability.
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    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    Couldn't possibly say :(
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    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    It was on the topic of aerodynamics, well, CFD really, at Bristol :-)
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    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    Written up and viva'd so collecting my PhD certificate in a few months... which is a relief. For the last year and a half i've been writing up and working a job with very long hours!
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    No 56k: FinalGear around the world care package - Progress & Photo thread

    Wild guess... jaw ear and head ache? Trying washing your mouth out with cold water, if the pain suddenly stops then it's an infected root.
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    Our "own" car reviews

    We have one as a works van, it's a good bit of kit which puts up well with the constant abuse.
  12. WillDAQ

    2014 Chinese Grand Prix - Shanghai

    Meh, most of the TE is rohacell anyway, only the LE is proper structure.
  13. WillDAQ

    2014 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

    He wasn't in a Ferrari, therefore it was his fault.
  14. WillDAQ

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    If you're not bothered by the sound, you're not a real fan. Nice.
  15. WillDAQ

    Germany: Nuclear power plants to close by 2022

    You're right... the only reason many uranium based reactors (unable to use or create weapons grade fuel) were built was to enable the creation of more weapons grade fuel... :spectre:
  16. WillDAQ

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    I suspect Lotus are just a bit bitter.. if you don't pay your employees then those that can will leave immediately without serving their notice period.
  17. WillDAQ

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Have to be a little careful with definitions here... The guys who carry out the pit stops also work in the factory to build/modify the cars between races, so there's increased wage associated with experience, but not mountains of cash. The 'engineers' as in people who work on the pit wall are...
  18. WillDAQ

    Last movie you saw?

    Pacific Rim.. over rated. Within its own little world the plot makes sense, but more generally using giant punching robots to solve that particular problem makes no sense.
  19. WillDAQ

    New small Alfa droptop to be based on next gen MX-5

    Double the capacity and power of a Smart Roadster... They're still fun to drive.
  20. WillDAQ

    2014 Car Launches and Testing Thread

    :lol: Sorry yes, would be the race 1 package but is usually run at the last test to avoid problems when far away from base.