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  1. Andrew911tt

    The Car Show

    I think we should add "The Car Show" as one of the shows that this website follows
  2. Andrew911tt

    Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Ford Explorer vs Dodge Durango vs Honda Pilot

    I really want to see a comparison between the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2011 Ford Explorer, 2011 Dodge Durango and 2011 Honda Pilot. When I stated to look at this segment about a year ago there was nothing that could keep me from getting a Honda Pilot but then then Jeep, Ford, and Dodge really...
  3. Andrew911tt

    DVD streaming help

    I have a DVD ISO and what to encode using h.264 with the file format of .mp4 can anyone help me with doing this as always free is best but not required. I only need the the movie no menus, no subtitles, no extra audio tracks. I would also like 100% quality, space is the thing that I have tons...
  4. Andrew911tt

    Bought my first car MS3

    I bought a beautiful 2008 Mazda MazdaSpeed3 GT with 2600 miles on it. It was a great buy. MSRP about $24000 and I got mine for $18,100 + tax title and reg I wish I could find one in White or Silver but the deal was to good to past up. The color is really growing on me in just a few hours...
  5. Andrew911tt

    thinking about a G35 coupe

    I am thinking about getting a 03-04 Infiniti G35 coupe for around $16,000. What do people think about the car or other cars for that price?
  6. Andrew911tt

    Socket 939

    I need a socket 939 processor for a file server i am building. I know a lot of you are building new computers, so I will help you get rid of your old ones. I am looking for 3800 X2 and higher please. OBO I would be very grateful. thanks
  7. Andrew911tt

    fantesy football

    Does anyone else play? If there are enough of us do we want to start a shortened league? Also any tips or sleepers?
  8. Andrew911tt

    FinalGear Road and Mountain Bikers

    I wanted a place where bikers could come and discuss and give advice. I have been riding for about 9 months now and want to upgrade. I have been riding a 07 Raleigh Mojave 2.0. Lately I have defiantly been pushing it past what is was designed for. I want to upgrade with in the month and have...
  9. Andrew911tt

    BMW 328 convertible or 128 convertible

    I need some quick reposes what do you guys think. My dad is looking at the 328 convertible for $48,000. The 128 is the same engine and very very close in size but cost only $38,000 The 128 convertible top is a fabric top instead of a hard top like the 328. But because of the hard top in the...
  10. Andrew911tt

    Another media player

    So I lost my beloved media player a Sandisk Sansa e250 I do not really use the video function of this player. I do love the software and the way it can hold its place in a file and can resume at the same point even after you use a different function. I have heard so much about Archos and then...
  11. Andrew911tt

    halo 3 beta starting May 16th at 12:00 AM PDT Is anyone else as happy about this as i am? Bubble Shields and Trip Mines ? The X Button Revealed and how many other things are going to be there that they are not going to tell us about
  12. Andrew911tt

    Everything for under $2000

    Edit change case $89.99 = Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail $159.99 = Western Digital Raptor WD740ADFD 74GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive - OEM $389.99 = EVGA 640-P2-N821-AR GeForce 8800GTS 640MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Video Card - Retail $129.99...
  13. Andrew911tt

    Anyone even thinking about a Laptop check this out.

    Best deal I have ever seen Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.00GHz With a x1700 and a res of 1440 x 900 you can do some really awsome gaming. $1,298.99 Model Brand ASUS Model A8JP-4S029M Part# 90NITA113144241L201Y General Operating System...
  14. Andrew911tt

    Is Jeremy Clarkson DEAD

    I don't know if this is true but this is what is on his My Space profile, which I don't think was ever run by him. So thats what i am wondering is this a credible source. look under about me Can anyone...
  15. Andrew911tt

    Dude I'm getting a dell

    I just ordered a Dell e1505 for the 3rd time since Saturday. the short story is that I would find better deals each time so i would call and cancel the previous order and create a new one. sub total $2,070 - $750 = $1,320 plus tax and free shipping = $1,441.32 - 50 MIR = $1,391.32 ship date is...
  16. Andrew911tt

    Internet Explorer 7 public beta released

    Just got it not installed yet try it out. What do you think? "I love tabs"
  17. Andrew911tt

    what college is about

    hell ya
  18. Andrew911tt

    just got back from a test drive

    hey i just got back from a test drive of a VW GTI, Scion TC, and Toyota Corolla XRS. I wish the GTI was the new one thats in Europe, thats why i went, but the guy said that they wouldn't be here for about another year which sucks. But the old one was nice it was fast. It had a much bigger...
  19. Andrew911tt

    Stig on TV tome

    look under Show Stars
  20. Andrew911tt

    computer question

    what is "CAS latency" as it refers to memory something like 2-3-4-3