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  1. MXV

    [25x04] March 18th, 2018

    2CV for the win! And if you don't recall Chris' earlier ode to his 2CV, here that is.
  2. MXV

    Clarkson: Which episode is it where Clarkson says something akin to...

    I'm looking for the episode in which Clarkson is on a bit of a tirade about drivers chosing a poor car as being akin to not driving well, and not driving well is akin to not caring, and not caring akin to why drive in the first place... Any help?
  3. MXV

    Top Gear America - S02E01 - not playing

    Anybody else have issues with the .MKV file not playing in DivX? I've downloaded it twice with the same just won't play. Thanks...