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  1. ChuckMoritz

    Ownership Verified: Another Ex-Cop car

    So, now that I've got the attention of all the Crown Vic fanbois, may I dissapoint all of you with my new acquisition: This might actually be a new contender for the slowest car on finalgear :lol: If you can read the licence plate, you can see that the last time it moved under its own power...
  2. ChuckMoritz

    Car radio noob question

    As some of you may have read in the thread for my W124 (see signature) I've done a lot to it recently, and while it's not nearly finished, I want to install a new radio this weekend, a VDO. It's quite similar to the "official" e30 Kienzle design-wise, but it has a rear aux connector, which is...
  3. ChuckMoritz

    Ownership Verified: My 1000-Piece-Puzzle

    Sooo, I bought another Benz, this time a W116 with a V8 in it: :mrgreen: Unfortunately, I bought it without the V8... :( Out with that, didn't run anyways: OK, the background story is as following: a friend of mine bought this car in ca. 1999 as a 280S, drove it for some four years and...
  4. ChuckMoritz

    Ownership Verified: My T-Model

    This beauty joined my stable today: It looks better in pictures than it does in real life... It's not that bad though, apart from some minor flaws it runs and drives, I drove it all the way from Memmingen to our house (260 km) and the only thing that went wrong was the passenger side drive...
  5. ChuckMoritz

    Finally, realistic crash physics in games!

    I stumbled upon this recently while randomly watching youtube videos, and I think it looks amazing! I could play around with this for hours :D And if this will be embedded into other games, say a future GTA that would be even better.
  6. ChuckMoritz

    The slowest car on FinalGear

    So the story behind this purchase is, that both my parents had 3 Old Mercedes in total, and recently i showed my mom a 300D w124 Kombi, because i drive alot and a diesel is cheaper in the long run. She said that yes, she would help me with the purchase and we got talking how much she like her...
  7. ChuckMoritz

    Ownership Verified: My first car is a Benz

    So, my first car: Yes, you guessed that right, it'a W124 (I would've preferred one of it's older brothers, but theres still hope) With the reasonably 220E Some more pics: It even has the original becker radio + automatic AC :D and all this luxury i got for 1600? with new T?V. Altough...
  8. ChuckMoritz

    Spy shots of the new 6-series

    First off i want to say please dont blame me if this wasn't worth creating a thread i just haven't found another thread about it other than the dontblogaboutthis thingy So today as we took a break from work there was this erlk?nig parked right next to us and nobody was around so i took some...
  9. ChuckMoritz

    Spy shots of the new 6-series

    sorry for double threads, please delete this one
  10. ChuckMoritz

    most beautiful car ever made

    so what do you guys think is the most beautiful car ever made? my thoughts where: -lambo miura (the old one not the concept) -'73 BMW 330 cs -MAserati gran tourismo let me know yours