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  1. Lusitano

    The Motor Trend 2007 Car of the year is...?

    Do not read Motor Trend, the tabloid of the auto industry.
  2. Lusitano

    Do you wear a seatbelt?

    Only when I am driving.
  3. Lusitano

    Best Police Cars

    Hi Bihus! You forgot to mention the Viuva Negra (Black Widow), which is a Skoda Octavia TDi VRS wagon. There are also some Nissan Almeras, Seat Ibizas, a few Renaults, and Octavia sedans. Is this the Audi you mentioned?
  4. Lusitano

    2006 Rampa do Caramulo

    You should have heard the sound of that thing! Beautiful!
  5. Lusitano

    2006 Rampa do Caramulo

    Here is more: Is anyone seeing some images cut-off? Let me know. I will put in a brief description later for each image. There is more to come.:D
  6. Lusitano

    2006 Rampa do Caramulo

    I know, I know, it took sometime but here are some photos of the event. Enjoy! More to come later.
  7. Lusitano

    Hamster Crash Video!!

    :lol: :lol: :thumbsup:
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    2006 Rampa do Caramulo

    I atended this fine event some a couple of weeks ago and got some spectacular photos, which I will post in the next couple of days. This event is essentially a 2.8 km hillclimb by a fine selection of classic cars, which takes place over a whole weekend. On Saturday, they had one hillclimb with...
  9. Lusitano

    Hammond In Car Crash - (Now Moved from Leeds 28/09)

    Oooohhhh! The hamster crashed?!?!?? This is new to me! I have been sort of disconnected from the Top/Fifth Gear world for the last couple of months. I am yet to read this whole thread. I hope is comes back soon, and faster than before! :thumbsup:
  10. Lusitano

    Audi R8 official pics and info

    The car looks good! AUDI :thumbsup:
  11. Lusitano

    [08x08] July 30th, 2006

    hummmm... :( I have not watched any Gear since I left the states two months ago. I finally received my things (via container ship) and only now will I get my computer going again. Well, maybe not now, since I am in Portugal, which is known to be a bit slow in just about anything and everything.
  12. Lusitano

    Historic Car Show 2006

    Brilliant photos, mate! It looks like you had a good time! I have been back home (Portugal) for about a month now and I have started my search for a nice classic car. Classic cars are the best!!!
  13. Lusitano

    James May: Work sets you free.

    Here we go again, with that same old jewish sensitivity bullshit.... :x
  14. Lusitano

    Restoration in Europe

    So do we, Portuguese, and we do alright. hehehe Seriously, mates, what do you think about the rims? SHould I take them with me?
  15. Lusitano

    Restoration in Europe

    Are you referring to the Scirocco?
  16. Lusitano

    Restoration in Europe

    I am selling the parts I was going to use on my Caddy pick-up, but I am wondering if it is worth taking these rims with me to Europe. I have about 8 of them, of which only one is slightly bent. They are 13s. What do you think? Do you think there are enough people looking for this sort of...
  17. Lusitano

    [09x06] May 15th, 2006

    Who are these girls? I presume they are Irish! Beautiful hair! Charming accent! Tood bad they are a bit young... :( Kimberly(green sweater), and the one who did not go for the ride with Jason are my favorites. It proved once again that my idea that Irish women are some of the more...
  18. Lusitano

    [08x02] May 14th, 2006

    Great episode! I have not read the previous ten pages of comments, but here are mine: Since I truly believe that americans are really good at making objects that can go really fast on straightaways or around curves with the same radius as the sun, I was surprised at the lap time of the wedge...
  19. Lusitano

    [08x01] May 7th, 2006

    Fantastic music! Great cinematography! Top Gear is back!!! I like the idea of having some of the cars that they "experimented" with in the studio! It lends the studio a bit of an history atmosphere. The dog was a very lame idea. I felt like I was watching Fifth Gear, where nonsense is...
  20. Lusitano

    Germany Enacts Harshest Anti-Piracy Law to Date

    Is not the internet synonymous with free circulation of information? :? It looks like we are going to need a revolution earlier than planned... :evil: