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  1. nameless1

    James may in GTR

    I found this video of James may in Nissan GTR, but I cant seem to remember what show is this from?
  2. nameless1

    fifth gear... something?

    today about 19:00 i was doing shopping :) and in one store there was a television and as i was passing by i heard tiff's voice, later on vicki was on tv... i dont know what it was, i have never seen it, all i know that the channel it was on was "explorer", never heard of :) and that there were...
  3. nameless1

    The new format of top gear?

    I'm sorry if that topic exist already, i just saw the news... Why is it changing from 350 to 425 mb? What's wrong with the 350mb episodes? The less the better if quality is accepting... why is it growing... ? :) And that probably means that 5th gear will get bigger also?
  4. nameless1

    invitation needed :) I used to have access to this great torrent web , but it was long time ago , havent got it any more... Does any of you have the account there? I'm just interested is it still any good?
  5. nameless1

    how to save a google video?

    was that topic here on this site? if yes , i cant find it , help :)
  6. nameless1

    Had anybody tried to download: Great automobile constructors

    ...of the world - there are 12 episodes , you can find it on emule , hope you are using it :) like i said 12 episodes , each about 700 mb you will find it , no problem , and they are (now) all reachable in p2p way , i mean availability and complete sources... :) it looks interesting , but the...