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    Headlight aim adjustment on skoda octavia -08 with xenons

    Today I had to drive a skoda octavia -08 with xenon headlights. Those lights were truly badly aimed: Low beam was aimed so low, that it illuminated less than 15 meters, high beams seemed to only illuminate the treetops. I mentioned this to the owner and asked if he had tried to adjust those...
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    New patch 0.6H, rebuilt Westhill, no physics or cars. New version of Westhill with additional configurations Full support for open configurations including access roads
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    Rear wheel getting hot on 2007 hyundai sonata.

    My parents have a 2007 hyundai sonata with about 160k km. In last december, driver side rear wheel got too hot to touch (tested from lugnuts because of plastic hubcaps that are attached with lugnuts). In the rear there's dics brake with drum handbrake. Car was taken to local mechanic shop and...