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  1. gaasc

    Ownership Verified: USS Deer - The Some F***s Given 1979 Impala

    In 1979 a crack commando unit of the United States General Service Administration was sent to purchase a vehicle for the United States Embassy in Honduras. These men promptly purchased a beige 1979 Impala with the 350 Cubic Inch engine, Cassette player, and Air Conditioning which was built in...
  2. gaasc

    Americans: It's time to call your representatives

    Surprised Neither Spectre not Blind caught this Now I don't know exactly how this will affect FG but it can't be good for the other 99.9% of the sites I frequent. If you?re a citizen of the United States, call your local representatives. Calling and letter...
  3. gaasc

    Ownership Verified: Restoration. How hard can it be? (1984 Toyota Tercel 4WD)

    So. This is it. what $1k will buy you in Honduras with some really really careful searching. 1984 Toyota Tercel 4WD DLX. 1.5L 3A Engine 6 Speed Gearbox 250k miles (4k more than the mitsu). Now we're not that new to this kind of thing. The mitsu was turned from a moving BBQ to a perfectly...
  4. gaasc

    Avatar: Legend of Korra

    As long as they don't fuck it up, this shapes up to be great,granted, I would've preferred a extra arc that tied all knots of the first one (Zuko's mom, Toph's parents, etc.) But this doesn't look half bad. 2 more things: -Is it just me or Korra looks kinda like a dude in that pic. -Zutara fans...
  5. gaasc

    The "Help gaasc to learn to code properly" thread

    I've been having a few problems in my programming class lately so i thought that maybe all of you generous people of FG could help me sort them out so i don't fuck up in the future. The ghost problem of today; #include <stdio.h> #include <windows.h> char nom[28] , ser[1]; int vel ; double...
  6. gaasc

    So my laptop died (again)

    I don't know why the hell this keeps happening to me. A few may recall the time my Dell XPS M1210 fried its mobo. Now with another XPS M1210 This happens. I closed a tab on firefox and when suddenly the screen randomly turned off every couple of seconds and vertical yellow lines show up on the...
  7. gaasc

    So my laptop's died

    yes finalgear, it seems it's yet another of those OMG! my comp has died threads. yesterday my dell XPS M1210 was just fine n' dandy, every thing was well, so i try it to start it this morning, no bios screen, no nothing, just the frive clicking. also the battery lasts about 6 mins and yes, it...
  8. gaasc

    Audio Help

    Well, i'm not a thread starter but well: a couple of weeks back i replaced my nicked stereo with one from a KIA (don't ask) so i burned some of ?me tunes? in a cd to play it, i made sure that i used the ?convert to .cda ? option (i used both roxio and nero), so i grabbed some CD-RW, burn the...
  9. gaasc

    James May: Has James bought a 120Y

    i was looking at james's column while enjoying some tea and i was particuarly awed when i read this i know james is a christian motorist but i didn't saw THAT one coming
  10. gaasc

    Top gear your own car challenge

    So this idea has been baking in my head for quite some time and now i am ready to shoot it to the world the producers (Andy) should say to to Jeremy James and Richard to bring any car of their choice from their garage to the track where they would be given a number of challenges Challenge 1...