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    "Rebuilding" a Computer

    Earlier today I went to help a friend of mine install a new graphics card and PSU. After I finally get them installed (it's a tight squeeze) I attempt to turn on the computer and nothing happened. I checked the around and it was the hard drive. On the last test, a small flame appeared and a...
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    Buying a Camera Used?

    For quite some time I've been looking into getting an SLR. It would be my first professional-grade camera. I've been using advanced point-and-shoots for a while, but I've gotten to the point that I'd like to make the move to something I have much more control over. I've been pondering the...
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    Using Old Car Seats

    I know I've seen this around, but I can't find anything through searches: I just swapped out my front seats in my car and have been trying to find a way to convert my old ones into some very comfy office seats... Does anyone know of any sites that have info on doing this or will I have to build...