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  1. _dexter_

    Alloy wheels

    Dear FG community, Can someone please help my clarify following: I'm in process of buying new alloys and I found ones that I like. Thing is that I found SAME LOOKING alloys, produced (or "produced") by two different companies. AVA wheels...
  2. _dexter_

    Germans! Help needed

    Hi all! I hope there's someone who can advise me wisely about the following: I need to get from Stuttgart airport to Allianz arena in Munich as fast as possible on Saturday afternoon. How long will it take and what mean of transport should I use? Rent a car or train? Thank you in advance :)
  3. _dexter_

    Road trip to Sweden - Question for Swedes

    My question is quite simple.. Three m8s and I are going on a road trip to Stockholm this winter. From 2nd to 8th January, to be precise. We'll travel with 2006 Toyota RAV4 D4D equipped with Michelin Latitude tour HP tires.. Now, the question is: Will we survive? Considering tires, of course.. ...
  4. _dexter_

    Only in Russia: Dumped Rolls Royce

    Looks like a scene from some horrific horror movie, but it actually is a dumped and abandoned Rolls worth 450 000 USD.. Left by old tires and garbage, like a toy thrown by some baby.. And the very same car from it's happier days..
  5. _dexter_

    2009 Ford Focus 1,6 Ti- VCT

    let me present you my white arrow.. :lol::lol::lol: 115 hp <_< 1,6 ford focus with titanium level trim and some optional extras.. since this car is nothing special I aspire making it special.. and fast! (well, as fast as 1,6 focus can go :lol:) so far I've taken care of cornering.. fitted 18"...
  6. _dexter_

    Autoblog: Audi RS6 Avant driver reportedly caught going 133 MPH with nearly 2,000 pounds of pot

    If you read publications about cars long enough, you'll no doubt catch on to our pro-wagon bias. In fact, if us auto-journo types ran things, SUVs, CUVs and sedans would be banned, and all passenger cars would either be mid-engined, 500 horsepower coupes or 600 hp wagons. With manuals and roll...
  7. _dexter_

    Ford Fiesta S2000 Rally Car

    M-Sport has unveiled the new Ford Fiesta S2000 rally car, at a launch celebration in the UK. Designed and built in nine months, the S2000 will become Ford's first global rally car. This effectively means the car can be entered into a variety of events including national rally championships, the...