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  1. DTMracer

    Melbourne dwellers: Know a good bodyshop?

    My friend's son recently purchased a 2nd hand Toyota Echo(Yaris) from his friend, and whilst mechanically it is excellent the bodywork has quiet a few scratches over it because it got keyed by low-lifes one night when it was parked on the streets whilst it was still owned by the previous owner...
  2. DTMracer

    Ford lasers. Any good?

    My colleague's son is currently looking for a first car, and is interested in buying a 1989-1990 Ford Laser (KE series I think). Since I know very little about these thing, does anybody here know much about them? What problems should he look out for, and what will they be like to live with on...
  3. DTMracer

    So whos going to see death race?

    I know I definitely want to go see it. There's just something so right about a mustang with machine guns and a hot chick in the passenger seat. The plot sounds stupid enough, but the action looks alright. I can't help but keep watching the trailer over and over again.
  4. DTMracer

    My fellow musicians

    I'm posting this outside of the music thread to get my responses. Just out of interest, what instruments do people here play, and why do you love your instrument so much? I mainly play piano and guitar. I'm one of those weirdos born with perfect pitch, so I've had a big love of music ever...
  5. DTMracer

    Bentley Continental tuning, the japanese way

    I know the Bentley Continental is only a big VW, but still.... Someone must've had too many Audi R8 and 911 bumpers around, and watched the fast and the furious when they were drunk
  6. DTMracer

    Jazz lovers?

    Any Jazz lovers around here? I recently purchased a CD by Melody Gardot, and its absolutely brilliant.
  7. DTMracer

    Toyota Aygo in oz?

    Does anyone know if Toyota would ever bring the Aygo over here to oz? When I was over in the UK I managed to snag one for a little while, and its absolutely brilliant. Great to drive, looks very cool and the simplicity of its engineering is just awesome. With everyone moaning about fuel...
  8. DTMracer

    Audi Planning More Powerful RS6? So when can I order my 1200bhp M5 wagon? God I love this german horsepower war.
  9. DTMracer

    Chinese earthquakes

    Is anybody else feeling disturbed by this? I had relatives that may have been around that region at the time, so I'm feeling slightly sick at the moment.
  10. DTMracer

    Samsung YP-D1 or YH-820?

    oes anyone know much about the sound quality of these old Samsung Players? I can get the YP-D1 for about $70 AUD, and the YH-820 for about $110 AUD. Are they any good? I would like to hear from owners.
  11. DTMracer

    I don't know whether I should laugh or cry I don't know whether that's the most brilliant thing ever or a complete waste of a good Evo 7. Being an Evo lover, my heart tells me its awesome but my head tells me it completely goes against the point of having an...
  12. DTMracer

    Can't freakin port forward

    I just picked up this new router: However, I don't know how to set up the ports for Azureus to work properly. I tried, but the stuff they have listed for this router is for the old version of the...
  13. DTMracer

    Good video converter?

    I've been trying to convert some episodes of Top gear to watch on my Samsung Blackjack using SUPER, but so far none of the converted videos work. Anyone got any idea on how to convert an AVI file into one which Windows Media player mobile will play? I know I can use TCPMP, but for some reason...
  14. DTMracer

    So, did anybody watch insight on SBS tonight?

    Watching this show just then during dinner made me so frustrated that I wish I could be in the audience and knock some common sense into some of the guests, particularly MP John Kaye and his hippie views. You can just see the class envy in his eyes. I also feel the guests from Toyota and...
  15. DTMracer

    Windows Mobile 6.1?

    Any smartphone users out there looking forward to the Wm 6.1 upgrade? Looking at stuff that's already online so far, it looks to be a worthwhile upgrade from 6.0. Anyone have a rough clue when will it be released? I just hope that Samsung releases the upgrade for my SGH-i608 soon!
  16. DTMracer

    Safe, fun to drive small car?

    Hey guys: I am currently consider buying a Mazda 3, as my Jazz got written off buy a tradesman at an intersection (I'm surprised that my partner and I are still on this earth, as her side took the brunt of it before the car was spun around and my side of the car smashed up against a sign post)...
  17. DTMracer

    Laptop Mice

    I'm currently deciding between these three mouses for my laptop, and was wanting some other opinions. As much as I love my MX Revolution, its simply a bit too big to lug around. The VX revolution is quiet tempting and felt good, but it still has that problem of having to lug around a dongle to...
  18. DTMracer

    Some cool stuff from the Melbourne motorshow 56K warning

    Hey guys. I was at the Melbourne motorshow with some friends today, and I thought I'd post up some pics of some interesting stuff on show. 1) LS7 Commodore 2) Coupe 60 (Basically a two door VE) 3) Audi RS6 - Can't believe they managed to get one in here so quick 4) Homebuilt sports...
  19. DTMracer

    Invisible shield?

    Are there any invisible shield users lurking on this forum? I'm currently interested in obtaining one for my Samsung Blackjack, but have some questions: 1) Is it difficult to apply? I hear that you can stuff your device up thanks to the application liquid if you're not careful. 2) Is it really...
  20. DTMracer

    Good, free WM6 smartphone memory cleanup program?

    Does anyone know of a good free program for cleaning up the memory on my smartphone (Samsung SGH-i608 btw)? Be cleaning up, I mean removing junk and other leftover bits such as IE files.